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    Business Of Butchery

    ENROLL NOW! ~ BUSINESS OF BUTCHERY  Three Week Intensive Master Course April 14th – May 2nd, 2014 Discount for BG MEMBERS (Become a member today to save $1000!) The Butcher’s Guild is proud to once again be teaming up with Food Craft Institute for Business of Butchery Master Course . This 3-week intensive is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to own […]

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    Future Butchers. Join Us.

    As the old Kurdish saying goes, “If skill could be gained by watching, every dog would become a butcher.” If you are interested in a being butcher, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Many people begin by interning or staging at a butcher shop. Our members range from Cutters (meat cutters) to Curers (salumists, […]

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    Member Interviews: August Wessling

    January 8th, BG Member Interview: August Wessling, Meat Cut Sheet  1.  What does being a member of the Butchers Guild mean to you? To me, the Butcher’s Guild is a place where I may be able to reach out to a community of like-minded people and seek mentorship.  I also feel that I have learned and […]

Welcome to the Butcher’s Guild

The Butcher's Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound to create a support system for our industry.

We focus on education and camaraderie to achieve a communal goal: a network of successful, skilled, independent butchers all across the country!

We also need courageous carnivorous consumers to insist on Good Meat!

JOIN NOW: Butchers, we welcome you!



Economies Of Community

When we talk about economy, we are talking about the exchange of energy between people. The energy it took you to grow a lamb is worth how much of my energy? Economies of scale are an attempt to transcend this exchange rate and they often fall apart at the seams. So many of us are […]

Olds College’s Fantastic Butchery Program

Future butchers: check out the program offered by new BG member Olds College- affordable, thorough and pretty fast to graduate! We are excited to collaborate with these experienced educators.

4505 Meats: It’s So Much More Than Meat

FROM MISSIONLOCAL By Mark Kurlyandchik Struggling to pay the bills on a nonprofit salary, chef and whole-animal butchery expert Ryan Farr began making chicharrones in his Mission District apartment from leftover pig skins, selling them to local bars for extra cash. This under-the-radar DIY gig became the foundation for 4505 Meats in 2009. Specializing in […]

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