Month: April 2011

The Butcher’s Guild Hall of Butchers

As more of our charter members join, The Guild will be honoring esteemed colleagues of its ranks by gifting special membership to its Hall of Butchers. These are butchers and meat scholars with deep experience and unquestionable authority… Read More

Meet Angela Wilson!

Angela Wilson Avedano’s Holly Park Market – Owner San Francisco, CA How long have you been a butcher and where did you get your start? Have you been working with “sustainable” meats the whole time and if not,… Read More

Meet Founder Tia Harrison!

Tia Harrison Co-founder of The Butcher’s Guild Executive Chef at Sociale Owner of Avedano’s Holly Park Market San Francisco, CA What does being the founder The Butcher’s Guild mean to you? Co-Founding The Butcher’s Guild has been an… Read More

Meet Founder Marissa Guggiana!

I am so happy to post this introduction! Meet Marissa Guggiana, co-founder of Butcher’s Guild! Marissa Guggiana Berkeley, CA Author Primal Cuts: Cooking With America’s Best ButchersCo-founder The Butcher’s GuildEditor Meatpaper Magazine How long have you been a… Read More

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