Future Butchers. Join Us.

As the old Kurdish saying goes, “If skill could be gained by watching, every dog would become a butcher.”

If you are interested in a being butcher, it’s time to get your hands dirty.

Many people begin by interning or staging at a butcher shop. Our members range from Cutters (meat cutters) to Curers (salumists, charcutiers) and Creators (chefs and activists). They are also located all over the country. Each week we will collate all the submissions we receive from people interested in learning and send them out to our members. They will be able to contact you, if they could use your enthusiasm and eager labor. Fill out this form to get your information on the list. We may contact you with additional questions regarding your application to the BG training placement program.

OR, if you are ready to start your own meat endeavor, check out our Business of Butchery program, in partnership with Food Craft Institute. Scholarships available!

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