From the Hiring Desk: Stafford’s Seeks Meat Cutter (Oregon)

Newly USDA-inspected processing plant in eastern Oregon seeking someone with some meat cutting experience and a strong desire to learn. Rare opportunity for a super-motivated person.


Stafford’s Custom Meats, Inc. in Elgin, OR is seeking a full time meat cutter with experience.  We have just expanded our business to include USDA inspected slaughter and processing, in addition to our current custom exempt processing.  Stafford’s is a small family run business that is fully sustaining and growing in the current struggling economy.

We need a meat cutter with some prior experience for a fast start.  Jeff Stafford (owner and operator) is a fourth generation butcher that has been cutting meat professionally for 36 years.  His profitable business of 25 years proves his success as a businessman.  Jeff clearly has a great deal of knowledge to share with the correct person, who has a strong desire to learn this craft and is seeking a long-term career. For the right person, there is potential for partnership opportunities.

We are located in a beautiful Indian Valley of Eastern Oregon, nestled in between the pristine Wallowa and Blue Mountain ranges.  It is an outdoorsman’s paradise.  This valley is also home to a great many ranchers that are producing high quality beef, lambs, hogs, and bison.   The rancher’s outcry for a local facility to process their USDA inspected meat is the sole reason for our expansion and our success.   The consumers desire to purchase locally, with a strong awareness of knowing where their meat comes from, how and who it is handled by, is growing exponentially and providing future sustainability to both the local rancher’s and our business.

If you are an individual with a desire to dig your heals in and learn a craft that provides a sustainable economic future, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact:

Jeff Stafford, Owner and Operator

Jennifer Layman (Operations Manager)

Stafford’s Custom Meats, Inc.

70761 Hwy 82

Elgin, OR  97827


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