BG Hall Of Famer Dr. Gregg Rentfrow Is Changing The Way UK Does Meat

We all have big ideas about how things would be better if we were king of the sustainable food world for a day, but real change starts at home. University of Kentucky has a Meat Science Department and their Professor Gregg Rentfrow was one of the esteemed instructors at our BG Conference last fall. They […]

What BG Members Are Saying About The Guild

  “I am honored to be among such a group of talented and forward thinking chefs & butchers. We are helping bring back a time honored trade and tradition. I feel that [The Butcher’s Guild] is an opportunity for a group of like-minded, meat loving chefs & butchers to have a platform to work from. […]

Butchery Creating New Opportunities For Pros & At-Home Cooks Alike

BG Co-Founder Tia Harrison and BG Member Bruce Aidells are quoted and lauded as part of the new push in an ancient industry. Plus a recipe from Bruce’s new cookbook! Check out the original post at NWI January 28, 2013 12:00 am  •  Associated Press Super Bowl Sunday surely is one of the meatiest eating days of […]

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