BG Member Butcher & Public Is Bringing Real Butchery To Little Rock!

From Butcher & Public’s Kickstarter site: The mission of Butcher & Public is to be Little Rock’s first sustainable, whole animal butcher shop and restaurant. We will custom cut meat from animals that are responsibly raised on small, local farms. In addition, we will make a variety of sausages, patés, cured meats and prepared deli items such […]

The Zen Butcher

We can all use a little more Zen in our lives, check out this Video of BG Member Bartlett Durand!

BG Member Jesse Griffiths On Hunting Feral Pigs

Dark Rye takes us hunting with Texan chef, author and BG member Jesse Griffiths, as he shares his thoughts about the respectful relationship between man and hog.

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