TICKETS HERE. Our 3rd Annual Conference & Summit is coming September 21-22 and we are ready to take on the future of meat with our talented and committed membership. We are joining some of the greatest minds in our business to educate and celebrate the meat to come. TICKETS HERE.

What members had to say about last year’s BG Conference:

“Riding the high after watching Dario Cecchini romance us with the art of butchery. it was an unforgettable trip!” – Chase Cole, Dai Due, Austin

“I can’t say enough about the collaboration you and the guild put together.  The resources and networking were excellent.” Jon Gonzalez, El Dorado Meat Collective, California

“Reminded me why i got into this damn business, it was so inspiring.” – Christian Caiazzo, Osteria Stellina, Pt. Reyes

“Thank you so much for putting on the conference this year! it was one of the best experiences of my life! What you did this year was incredibly awesome and I am so thankful for The Butcher’s Guild. Changed my life.” – Josh Martin, Belcampo

“Incredibly inspiring afternoon watching Master Butcher Dario Cecchini break down a side of beef and side of pork at the Butchers Guild Conference in San Francisco.” – Dai Due

“The event was a career highlight!” – Rob Levitt, Butcher & Larder, Chicago

“What a direct and amazing meeting of like-minds you ladies created. I was truly impressed. As a college instructor I go to a lot of meetings and conferences that don’t impact and inspire the way this did.” Sarah Wong, Seattle Central Community College

“You’ve done something very special and with great style.  Kudos to you all.  My sincere admiration and appreciation for what you accomplished.  You are a credit to the field.” –  Mark Pastore, Boccalone & Incanto

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