Month: May 2015

John Stewart & Duskie Estes

Zazu, bovolo, black pig meat co. butchers guild members, farmers, bacon, whole animal butchery, support local food, certified BG member

CERTIFIED MEMBER John Stewart & Duskie Estes, Bovolo, Black Pig Meat Co. Relocating to Seattle in 1994, John worked at Etta’s Seafood and Palace Kitchen, where he met his future wife and Queen of Porc Duskie Estes. While sous-cheffingat the… Read More

Greg Esmond

Greg Esmond, the butchers guild, whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

CERTIFIED MEMBER Greg Esmond Greg Esmond is currently taking a leave from the restaurant world to obtain his Bachelors degree in Food Science (with minors in Animal Science and Chemistry) to better understand the hows and whys of… Read More

Brian Brozovic

brian brozovic, butchery, butchers guild member

Brian has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Texas A&M University with concentrations in meat science, poultry science, and food science. He is also currently working on his Master of Science degree in Agriculture: Food… Read More

Paul Carras

Paul Carras, taylors market, whole animal butchery, support your local butcher, butchers guild member, BG certified member

CERTIFIED MEMBER Paul Carras Butcher and Meat Department Manager, Taylor’s Market, Sacramento, CA Butcher Paul Carras began his career, cleaning the meat department at Sacramento’s Taylor’s Market in 1996.  In 1998, while he was working on his B.S. at… Read More

Ryan Kraetsch

Ryan Kraetsch, butchers guild member, certified BG member, whole animal butchery

CERTIFIED MEMBER Ryan Kraetsch Ryan is a Seattle bred meat head, previously was Head Butcher at a small butcher shop in Woodinville, WA. Graduated from SSCC in Spring ’11, with a degree in Culinary arts and Restaurant Managment, although… Read More

Trevor Morones

Trevor Morones, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

CERTIFIED MEMBER Trevor Morones is a relative newcomer to the industry. As a teenager working his way up the ranks of the kitchen brigade, Morones took his excitement for culinary arts to New York City where he graduated… Read More

Eric Veldman Miller

Eric Veldman Miller, V. Miller Meats, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild members

CERTIFIED MEMBER Eric Veldman Miller and Matt Azevedo, V. Miller Meats Eric is currently opening V. Miller Meats in Sacramento CA, and has recently completed an intensive apprenticeship in Whole Animal Butchery at Sutter Meats under Butcher Terry Regassa…. Read More

Aaron Oster

Aaron Oster, Echo and Rig, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

CERTIFIED MEMBER Aaron Oster, Echo & Rig Originally from Connecticut, Aaron spent most of his professional career in New York City behind the stoves.  It wasn’t until he decided to leave and island of Manhattan for the island of… Read More

Stephen Pocock

Stephen Pocock, Boccalone, butchers guild members, whole animal butchery

CERTIFIED MEMBER Stephen Pocock, Boccalone & Damn Fine Bacon, Stephen has been smoking and curing meat for at least 10 years. What started as a hobby while he worked in the TV industry has become his profession. Since 2007 he has… Read More

Sam Edwards

CERTIFIED MEMBER Edwards Hams: In 1926, S. Wallace Edwards, the young captain of the Jamestown-Surry ferry began selling ham sandwiches to his passengers. The ham had been cured by him as on the family farm according to those… Read More

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