Month: July 2015

BG Freebie | Go Big or Go Home, Vertical Integration with Anya Fernald

If you are a member of The Butchers Guild, you have access to education like this every month! But if you’re not, it’s your lucky day. We are releasing a BG Freebie Thought Leader Webinar. Enjoy!

Max Villegas

Max Villegas Max Villegas is from the ocean-sprayed streets of Encinitas, CA, he believes it is imperative for people to fully understand and respect the lives of the animals who die for our food source. His career in… Read More

Member of the Month

Ron Savenor, Savenor's Market, Boston, Whole Animal Butchery, butchers Guild members

Check out our Butchers Guild Member of the Month, Ronald Savenor of Savenor’s Market, take a look at his profile here.

BG Thought Leader Webinar Series | Anya Fernald

Learn from the experts, Butchers Guild Thought Leader Q&A with Anya Fernald, CEO of Belcampo. Anya dishes about vertical integration, the successes, the challenges and her vision for the future of meat. Ask questions, get answers.

Peter Luger Steakhouse | Making the Cut

See how New York City’s Peter Luger Steakhouse chooses their steaks.

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