A Good Butcher and Chef is an Inspiring Thing

We came to New York recently for the IACP conference and the grande finale of our trip was a class on the last day of the gathering. We wanted to share our enthusiasm for using locally-sourced, whole animals in restaurant kitchens with the chefs that attend IACP. So we brought two of our favorite practitioners of butchering and preparing whole animals: Adam Tiberio of Tiberio Custom Meats (NYC) and Matthew Jennings of La Laiterie & Farmstead (Providence, RI).

It takes a lot of different skills to profitably turn a carcass into the most delicious possible products. Sometimes just one person has a gift for all of them, but often there is a team effort. The team can extend through several business: a slaughterhouse, processing plant, butcher and then kitchen. In restaurants that use whole carcasses, the team is more condensed. Some will butcher the animal down into parts, some will cure salumi or whole muscle preparations, some will season and sear. Matt & Adam share what they do for their respective teams and what they see when they look at a pig.


Aki Kamozawa and H. Alexander Talbot of Ideas in Food posted this video of our class. They also brought donuts. All hail our friends at Ideas In Food!

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