A Visit To Belcampo

The Butcher’s Guild and Belcampo are friends and one of our Charter Members recently became the Head Butcher at their first shop. Belcampo is a company with many projects, but the meat-centered focus is: a farm and ranch in northern California, raising pigs, ducks, chickens and cattle; a slaughterhouse in Yreka that will process all these species and butcher shops cum restaurants that will sell this meat, and some raised by other local farmers. Local, sustainable, artisanal. We went and stayed at their ranch in Shasta county recently, in the high country of our home state. Here are some photos of our tour.


One of the grande dames of the pork program.


A turkey still remaining in the chicken pasture a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Mount Shasta presides.


The state-of-art harvest floor, which was designed with the explicit approval and input of Temple Grandin.



The chicken pasture being protected by a puppy that just graduated to guard dog.








A duck striking out on its own to get a closer look at the camera.






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