Aaron Oster

Aaron Oster, Echo and Rig, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild member


Aaron Oster, Echo & Rig
Originally from Connecticut, Aaron spent most of his professional career in New York City behind the stoves.  It wasn’t until he decided to leave and island of Manhattan for the island of Martha’s Vineyard where his passion took flight in the craft and art of butchery. There he learned about life on the farm from the many local farmers and helped bring Master Salumierie Francois Vecchio to the Vineyard where he coordinated a full week of piggery with the legendary butcher.  Along with his wife a baker, he consulted and helped to build the first of it’s kind Whole Animal butcher shop/ Steak House in Las Vegas, where he is Head Butcher.  Open since August 2013, the shop prides itself on continuting the tradition and responsibility  of those who prepare and breakdown old world charcuterie and whole animals.  With over 36 different types of charcuterie in Rotation, the butcher shop at Echo & Rig is growing into a great community center for locals.  Aaron is a proud member of the guild and hopes that his apprentices will continue to build the foundation the guild has already laid out.

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