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Avedano’s Meats is a “family” owned and run butcher shop in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Our mission is to connect the consumer to the farm, to supply exceptional quality local meat, fish and produce to our customers and be an active part of our local food system. We source from small farms and cut whole animals in-house, by hand.  Our professional team is comprised of skilled butchers and chefs who work to utilize the whole animal and produce a high quality experience both at the counter and behind it.

With two locations to serve you best, Avedano’s Market is located at 235 Cortland Avenue.
The Meat Wagon is  located at 432 Octavia: 

Avedano’s Market is open: Monday through Friday 11am to 8pm and Saturday 9am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm
The Meat Wagon is open: Thursday through Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday 12pm to 5pm 

At Avedano’s Market we cut fresh for our case daily. We take pride in our trade and stock locally sourced and hand-made specialties like: House-made sausages; bourbon and sage, spicy thai and lamb merguez.  Whole rabbits, whole ducks, duck legs, breast and eggs. local pork cuts like: pork butt and chops. As well as in-house dry-aged beef cuts like: porter-house, bavette, ground beef, sirloin, tri-tip, grass-fed beef and bones. Dog treats, soap, bolognese, marinara, fresh pasta, local fish and produce. Sweets such as bacon crack, poco dolce, black jet bakery. during the holidays we place special orders for your special occasions

Our Head butcher and manager Chris Arentz prepares his signature specialties; arista in porchetta, porchetta di testa, tuscan pork, meatloaf, pork rillettes and more.

We carry cook books for all your meat curiosities. If you stop by our shop and dont find what you are looking for just ask us. Chances are, we have it or we can get it.

At The Meat Wagon: We carry locally sourced meats such as:
half- marinated chickens, whole chickens, a variety of house-made sausages, english back bacon, pork belly, house-smoked trotters, boneless pork porter-house, ground pork, pork shanks and chops.
Lamb: Saratoga lamb chops, chateau briand, lamb shanks, loin chops, rib chops and ground lamb
Beef: new york, ribeye, skirt steak, grass-fed bavette, tri-tip, top sirloin, chuck roast, brisket, grass-fed ground beef, 4505 hot dogs and lets be frank hot dogs
frozen: marrow bones, lardo burgers, house-made stocks, stock bones, dog chews, house-made pet food
local, organic, seasonal produce. All the fixens to make a complete meal at home
Fish Fridays with Two by Sea: local seasonal seafood available such as: McFarland Springs trout, alaskan halibut, cove mussels from tomales bay, drakes bay oysters, manilla clams, fresh picked crab meat, black cod, winter king salmon and sturgeon

We work hard to source responsible meat from local farms. Here are several of the farms we work with that you will find featured in our meat case.

Agricola Grass-Fed Beef: Agricola grass-fed steers feed solely on rich irrigated pastures of grasses, clovers and trefoil- grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. Agricola grass-fed steers are never fed antibiotics, hormones or other supplements.

Soul Food Farms: Raises pastured chicken for both eggs and meat. They turn sunlight, grass, bugs, and high-quality domestic feed into animals that live a healthy and humane life.

5 Dot Ranch: With a predominately Angus herd, Five Dot Ranch has developed a successful natural beef program. Through a holistic, environmentally sustainable approach to grazing on open ranges and pastures, combined with low stress handling they have been able to raise our cattle naturally without antibiotics or added hormones.

Magruder Ranch: Is a fifth generation family business raising healthy, sustainable meats on their beautiful 2400 acre Ranch in Potter Valley, Mendocino County. They practice rotational grazing and low-input organic pasture management and have been producing top-quality grass-fed beef for over 30 years.

Gleason Ranch: With a long historic presence in Sonoma County, The Gleason Ranch has remained committed to sustainability, conservation, and good-old fashioned family farming traditions. Practicing low-stress management, rotational pasturing, and hormone-free animal husbandry has simply always been a way of life.

Stemple Creek: Stemple Creek Ranch is a family owned and operated cattle ranch in Marin County, California. They raise their animals on family-owned pasture land just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. Our beef and lamb is all natural and grass-fed.

River Dog Farm: Their farm is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers [CCOF] and is located in the beautiful Capay Valley where rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables.


We have a variety of butcher-centric classes in- house at Avedano’s. Call the shop at 285.6328 to check  availability and sign up for one of our classes today. Walk away with hands-on cutting experience and a bag o’ meat.

Don’t miss out on the chance to give the gift of butchery skills to a loved one, or better yet, love yourself and gain a deeper understanding of what we eat, cut and prepare with Avedano’s full class schedule.

Butchery 101:Break down a lamb and suckling pig
Advanced Butchery: one on one with a hog
Advanced Butchery: Half a steer
Sausage Making
Cutting and Carving Class


Tirelessly toiling to keep a delicious selection of responsibly raised meat in your fridge and freezer? We sympathize with your supply. Order an Avedano’s Meat box and acquire an assortment of delectable dishes at your creative finger tips.


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