BG Member Butcher & Public Is Bringing Real Butchery To Little Rock!

From Butcher & Public’s Kickstarter site:

The mission of Butcher & Public is to be Little Rock’s first sustainable, whole animal butcher shop and restaurant. We will custom cut meat from animals that are responsibly raised on small, local farms. In addition, we will make a variety of sausages, patés, cured meats and prepared deli items such as ham, bacon and corned beef for retail sale. We will be offering butchery and charcuterie classes (sausage making, etc.) at the shop, and have plans to hold small, casual family-style dinners on certain week nights. As well as a dining room serving lunch and dinner meals. Our goal is to bring back the days of old when the butcher shop was a place to congregate and catch up with the daily happenings. Knowledgable butchers, cooks and community working together to put food at the fore front of our lives. A place to have a coffee and talk politics or have a beer and catch up with friends.

We need your help. So we are putting together this Kickstarter project in order to get us up and running with making sausage and butchery/charcuterie classes before we open. Its a way to keep us moving and to connect more with our community. We are looking to fund several pieces of equipment including a grinder, sausage stuffer all the salts and spices needed. AND most important of all, our first whole hog to be broken down for sausage and cured meats!

We need your support and help in getting us further down the road to being a brick & mortar butcher and restaurant. We are giddy about opening to invite you in our doors. So in the meantime we will be a presense at the Bernice Garden Farmers Market and setting up in peoples back yards serving up some sausages! The backyard events are really the coolest part about connecting with LR. Thanks!!

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