BG & Revival in Berkeley Team Up To Bring You Lots And Lots of GOAT!

Goat Dinner At Revival

Revival Bar & Kitchen
Berkeley, CA


The Butcher’s Guild is co-hosting a gorgeous dinner of goat, raised by one of our favorite producers. Come celebrate a farm hero, McCormack Ranch! Jeannie McCormack will be there to share a five-course dinner. We can’t wait to dig in.
6:30pm Cocktail Hour with a specialty drink created by Revival’s bar
7:30 Dinner begins, courses include house-made goat salumi and a cheese course

1st Course:  Goat meatballs in goat, cabbage & fennel brodo
2nd Course:  Goat neck and shank, with Castel Franco chicory, house feta & mint
3rd Course: Goat leg steak with asparagus, favas, braised greens & pickled mustard seed.
4th Course: Goat roulade with kumquat tarragon marmalade
5th Course: Cheese! from Sweetwater Creamery

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