BG Round-Up

YEE HAW. Here’s all the little doggies we caught on the wires about our fabulous, active, delicious-producing members this week!

On the Horizon: Double Check Ranch is building a Thoreau-inspired cabin on their properties designed to give birders, Hunters and nature lovers a perfect getaway. Keep a look out for more info or contact them now to help them iron out the kinks!

Next Stop on the Cochon 555 Tour: On April 22nd, the traveling pork celebration will be in Washington D.C at the Liaison Hotel. Special guest and BG member David Varley will be participating in “an interactive tasting contest with Le Creuset.” For more information, click here.

The USDA has a new study out on food organizations overcoming the infrastructure and logistics challenges that smaller producers face. Read more here about the study and how organizations like Growers Collaborative and their partnership with San Francisco’s Bi-Rite have strategized to beat the obstacles.

Didn’t make it to the Good Food Festival? Luckily many media sources did! Serious Eats Chicago seems to be quite fond (with good reason) of Rob Levitt of Butcher & Larder. Their article gives readers Rob’s step by step tips on making sausage. Looks delicious Rob!

Exciting news for Denver: Cinque Soldi Salumeria is now open and servingf Il Mondo Vecchio’s cured meats and fresh sausages. Eater Denver has been keeping a close eye on the project and will be featuring an article with Mark DeNittis later this week so stay tuned!

Less than a month to Pebble Beach Food and Wine: This year’s event on April 12-15features an event titled “Farewell to Foie Gras” which is bound to spark some fires. Chris Cosentino will also be on hand, teaching consumers all about offal.


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