BG Weekly Round-up

The Boston Center for Adult Education has a great line-up this month featuring TWO BG-ers. Josh Lewin will be leading a class on urban foraging on July 16th and the following day Matt Jennings will be teaching a class titled Rooter to Tooter.

Oscar Yedra was featured in anThe East Bay Express article taking a deeper look at grass-fed cattle.

Next time you are in Healdsburg, you can grab John Stewart’s creative eats at Zazu’s new location on Front St (and under the new moniker “Zazu on the River”)

An article in The Calgary Herald profiles economic cuts of meat such as the Chuck roll steak, teres major, and Kari Underly’s Denver cut.

On July 14th, John Fink & friends are teaming up for a whole hog demo and delicious dinner at Soul Food Farm.

The Chronicle took on the hard task of finding San Francisco’s best sausage. Among the whooping 48 sampled were Avedano’s and 4505 Meats. See how they stacked up here.

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