BGC 3: Conference Follow-Up

Videos will be in the editing room for a while, but we wanted to share some other resources from the conference, with attendees and all other members, as well. Lots of photos are up on our Facebook page and we encourage you to post your photos, as well.

Bob Perry’s Heritage Hog Data, University of Kentucky

Bob Perry and his team at UK found eight endangered heritage breeds and raised multiples of each in the same environment, on the same feed. After slaughter, there was rigorous data capture on yield, fat content and musculature. The goals was to share information with farmers, butchers and chefs so that these breeds would be raised for the correct audience. What is the best breed for charcuterie? What breeds are better for restaurant kitchens? The meat was tasted fresh and cured. And if you didn’t make it to the conference, you missed the very first tasting of all hams. We look forward to hearing Bob’s summary of our tasting notes.

Here is Bob’s presentation, which have an overview of the findings. If you are interested in seeing more detailed information on each breed, check out the SARE page (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education), which is a little cumbersome but has a great deal of interesting data. Also, if you have raised or used any of the breeds in the project, feel free to contact Bob Perry and share your anecdotal findings, as well.

Partners in Research

University of Kentucky Meats Lab, Dr. Gregg Rentfrow

Berea College Department of Agriculture, Dr. Sean Clark

Livestock Breeds Conservancy

Chefs Collaborative


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