Bobbie Jo Gustafson

Story City Locker, Butchers Guild Members, Whole animal butchery


Ty and Bobbie are owners of the Story City Locker, a custom meat processor fronted with an artisan butchery, The Cleaver, in Story City, Iowa.
Ty grew up in Northwest Iowa, helping his dad farm and raise pigs.  Ty worked his way into corporate leadership but became discontent there. A hunter with a heart for rural life, Ty was happy to leave international business.  He is proud to invest 20 years of experience in a locally focused business.
Bobbie grew up in Central Iowa and has a design background.  She’s a supporter of CSA concepts and is developing heritage vegetable gardens, and the future introduction of grazing livestock, onto their 37 acre small farm.  She is happy to be involved with the locker because it prioritizes sustainable concepts.
Ty and Bobbie have been mentored by Dale and Shirley Haupert, owner/operators of The Atlantic Locker in Atlantic, Iowa. Dale and his sons are long-time friends and hunting companions of Ty’s. Dale and Shirley have operated the locker in Atlantic for more than 25 years.
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