Brad Farmerie: Blood Sausage How-To

Butcher’s Guild Charter Member Brad Farmerie shows us the ins and outs of boudin noir AKA blood sausage. Blood sausage was traditionally a way to use the blood and intestines when a pig was slaughtered, so nothing would go to waste. Now they are prized for their creamy richness, subtle wintry spices and deep hue. They are a specialty of Brad’s, he recently did a six-course blood menu for a packed house!

Our friends at Eat TV* captured Brad Farmerie (chef/owner of NYC’s PUBLIC, Monday Room, Madame Geneva and Double Crown) making the delicacy and let us share it with you!* is a video-filled food website that serves up easily digestible glimpses of the people, places, food and drink that make up the edible landscape.  From gourmet to greasy to grass-fed, they tell the stories behind great food.

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