“Butchers of America” Official WBC Team

Welcome to the official headquarters of WBC 2018
Team USA! “Butchers of America.”

The team is off and running with their first practice run last weekend located at Taylor’s Market in Sacramento. The team got together to practice cutting a half beef, pig, lamb and chicken for the upcoming competition located in Belfast Ireland, March 20-23 at IFEX Exhibition center.”Butcher of America” Team USA, is composed of six Butchers Guild Members from locations across the country. Each team member brings a unique skill and perspective to bring to the table:

Danny Johnson, Taylor’s Market

Paul Carras, Taylor’s Market

Craig Deihl, Charcuterie Master & Chef

Bryan Butler, Salt & Time

Lothar Erbe, Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages

John Fink, The Whole Beast

“Butchers of America” Team USA has a lot of scheming and work to do to get ready for the competition. They plan to meet at least 4 more times during the year to cut the entire display at the team’s headquarters in Sacramento. We have a lot of support and sponsorship from the local community that is helping the team cover travel expenses and the cost of practice runs. It is a huge commitment by both team members and sponsors, we are so grateful for your support. 

You can support the team by donating to our GoFundMe page Here.


A special Thank You to our sponsors


The Butcher’s Guild, “Butchers of America” Competing at World Butchers’ Challenge 2018

June 16th, 2017 – The Butcher’s Guild announced today it will be competing at The World Butchers Challenge with a team of six skilled butchers representing Team USA. Taking place March 20-22, 2018 at the Titanic Exhibition Centre in Belfast, Ireland, the event is expected to attract 250 butchers from around the globe to compete in the prestigious event.

The Butchers Guild Team named, “Butchers of America” is led by team captain, Danny Johnson of Taylor’s Market (Sacramento). Competing alongside are some of the most experienced butchers from around the country, including Paul Carras of Taylor’s Market (Sacramento), John Fink of The Whole Beast (San Francisco), James Beard  Nominee & Award  Winning  Charcutier Craig Deihl (South Carolina),  Lothar  Erbe of Lothar’s Sausages (Virginia) and  Bryan Butler of Salt & Time (Austin) who was recently named the Texas Beef Council’s Best Butcher in Texas.

“The World Butchers’ Challenge (WBC) was created as a platform where butchers from across the world can compete and showcase the butchery skills and creative uses of the beef, lamb   and   pork   products from   their respective countries.  The   current   World Champions, France will be a hard act to follow and the competition will be a great celebration of World Butchery Skills. At the World Butchers’ Challenge 2018 Belfast it’s expected that over ten global teams will take part in the 2018 event, including teams from Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Australia, The United States, and New Zealand.” WBC Headquarters

“Taking place March 20-22, 2018, IFEX will grow its footprint, with an additional dedicated pavilion that will be home to the World Butchers’ Challenge as we welcome the butchers of the world to our purpose-built arena.”

“We have a really strong team this year with members who are all educators and leaders in their field,” explains Butchers Guild co-founder, Tia Harrison Holmes. “Our team represents several different regions of The United States and we are excited to bring each unique perspective to the table. Danny Johnson and his crew at Taylor’s Market won the  Flying Knives Beef competition at Eat Real, they have over 40 years of combined experience in the Retail space. Bryan Butler is winner of The Best Butcher in Texas competition and his butcher shop, Salt & Time produces stunning, delicious products. Lothar Erbe is a formally apprenticed and trained in butchery and sausage making and has a HUGE following in his local market. Craig Deihl is an award-winning charcuterie maker and James Beard nominated chef. He makes by far, the best charcuterie I have ever tasted in the United States. John Fink is passionate about open- fire cooking and each and every one of our team members is an advocate for local meat and artisan quality products. Needless to say, Team USA is going to bring something new and exciting to the table.”

The guild will be hosting a variety of fundraising events over the coming months in order to help the butchers get to the competition. To donate to Team USA fundraising campaign visit the GoFundMe page here:   https://www.gofundme.com/butchers-of-america-team-usawbc

For more  information, contact Tia Harrison Holmes  | thebutchersguild@gmail.com http://www.thebutchersguild.orgwww.butcheryexcellence.com.


About The Butcher’s Guild

The Butcher’s Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound to create a support system for the industry.  We believe that integrity, camaraderie, and buying meat from small farms with better practices (whenever possible) will help create balance and elevate the meat industry. We are   advocates for eating less   meat, better meat, community support, and handing down these values and skills in the form of apprenticeships. The Butchers Guild provides annual professional memberships and industry support.

Donate to our Team USA fundraising campaign Here: https://www.gofundme.com/butchers-of-america-team-usawbc

For more information, contact Tia Harrison Holmes | thebutchersguild@gmail.com

http://www.thebutchersguild.org,  www.butcheryexcellence.com,


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