Buy Bacon For Good!

Help a Butcher’s Guild member and get some delicious, smoked pork belly in the process.


In order to grow and expand our local food business, we are pursuing USDA certification. This certification will allow out-of-state shipments, supplying retailers such as Giant Eagle Market District, and custom butchery of animals for local farmers who can then sell the meats at farmers markets.  Certification will require some additional equipment for monitoring and tracking the production process.

In addition to the USDA certification, we are also investing in improving the retail side of our Beechview facility to expand the service we can offer from that location.  In order to host Sunday brunch and to begin our second Friday of the month dinner service, we plan to add a custom built wooden booth and new tables to increase seating capacity.  A custom built butcher block table for our butchery classes, a second scale and a commercial grade food process are also equipment we need to grow properly.

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