Charcuterie Master Class | Craig Deihl


Craig Deihl is one of the most talented Charcuterie makers in the United States.  Not only are his cured meats exceptionally delicious, Craig just has a knack for creativity and problem solving when it comes to curing meat in a restaurant or butcher shop environment. We here at The Butchers Guild have been lucky enough to work with Craig over the past 6 years at workshops, conferences and now to our delight; our first ever Charcuterie Members Only Q&A Webinar. We will start with an interview and finish up with Q&A – If you have been thinking about adding a cured meat program to your business or expanding your further processing offerings, DO NOT MISS this webinar!


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Craig Deihl

Born & raised in Danville, Penn., Chef Craig Deihl grew up in a quintessential American household, where every evening dinner was on the table by the time his father was home from work. His mother, an “unbelievable” cook, graced the family’s table with homespun meals—a ritual which remains to be one of the biggest influences he has had as a chef.

Deihl is a founding member of the Butcher’s Guild, a network of meat professionals that promotes responsible butchering through education and community.  Deihl was chosen in 2010 as Chef of the Year by the Charleston chapter of the American Culinary Foundation. That same year, he was a semi-finalist for a prestigious James Beard Foundation award for best chef Southeast, and was a nominee for the award in 2011 and 2012, as well as a semi-finalist again in 2013. Since 2011, he has led Slow Food Charleston’s Chefs-in-Schools program, which places local chefs in schools and educates students on healthy food choices through classroom demonstrations, after-school programs, tastings and professional development.

Through a partnership with the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) and farmer Gra Moore of Carolina Heritage Farm, Deihl had the opportunity to be the first chef in over 100 years to utilize the rare American Guinea Hog. This same passion for preserving meat prompted him to adopt the CSA-like concept for meats, Artisan Meat Share (AMS). From 2009-2013, participants received local charcuterie and local farmers, in turn, received support from the increased product demand in what Deihl describes as a win-win scenario for both. In September 2014, Artisan Meat Share opened at 33 Spring St., providing a place where guests can enjoy all that AMS has to offer—all the time—including award-winning charcuterie, freshly butchered meat and delicious sandwiches.

To date, Deihl has produced over 90 types of charcuterie which have been prepared, stored and cured in-house at Cypress.

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