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To be skilled in merchandising a whole animal in the most profitable way, you must know how to cut it, cook it and cure it. Meat curing is a master skill that, when done wrong can produce costly, disappointing and dangerous results. If you are a chef or butcher who wants to learn how to cure meat, learn from expert Butchers Guild Member, Brian Polcyn, co-author of  Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing  & Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing

Upcoming Class:
When: Tuesday July 21st & Wednesday July 22nd 9am to 3pm both days
Where: West GA Technical College | 4600 Timber Ridge Drive | Douglasville, GA 30135


Cuisine U has held classes in many US cities the past two years. Many of the top chefs in each city were in attendance, including chefs from TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen. Taste, Chopped and Top Chef. Plus, nationally known chefs such as David Burke, Morimoto, Michael White, Emeril, Bradley Ogden, Michael Tusk, Kevin Rathbun, Gerry Kaskala, Anne Quatrano, Linton Hopkins, Kent Rathbun, Dean Fearing, Greg/Gabrielle Denton, Michael Schwartz, Danny Grant, Jeff McGinnis, Norm Van Aken and others have sent chefs to our classes. In addition, we have had a lot of artisan butchers attend, who own their own shops like Belmont Butchery in Richmond, VA, The Whole Ox in Plainsville, VA, Miami Smokers in Miami, Proper Sausages in Miami and McCann’s Local Meats in Rochester, NY, just to name a few.

Whole Hog Butchery • Both USDA & European/Seam Butchery • Sausage making techniques • Proper use of Salt • Fermentation • Whole Muscle Cure • Ground Dry Cure • Uses of Salt, Nitrites and Nitrates • Numerous stories of Chef Polcyn’s travels to Italy & Spain * Pork products to take with you • Wine/Spirit or Beer Tastings w/Charcuterie • Breakfast and More.
Our two day class is a compressed version of Chef Polcyn’s six (6) week charcuterie class that he has taught for the last 18 years at Schoolcraft Culinary School in Livonia, Michigan. During the two day class we make 22/23 items such as, Cotechino, Mortadella, Porchetta di Testa, Zampone and many other items out of Chef Polcyn’s two books.
If you have any interest in attending or sending one of your chefs or butchers to our class, please contact Victor Rose
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