Denis Dronne

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Denis Dronne, Joyce Farms
Denis was born in Loire Valley region of France, where at the time local and seasonal food was not the latest trend but a fact of life. His family kept rabbits, chickens, ducks and sheep, all harvested on site. Joyce Foods does all of their processing in-house. Denis is a classically trained chef who is skilled in multi-cultural food preparation and all levels of restaurant management. His work has been instrumental in many successful food service ventures, and is currently VP of Business/Products Development for Joyce Foods in Winston-Salem, N.C. Denis was an integral part of introducing Joyce Foods’ line of Heritage breed poultry that includes their Poulet Rouge Fermier, a French Label Rouge chicken, and their Pintade Fermiere, a Label Rouge French Guinea Hen. He also created a line of All Natural chicken sausages for both retail and food service accounts. Joyce Foods is fully committed to humanely raised and pasture raised poultry as well as grass fed and finished beef.

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