Foie Gras Ban in California

As many of you may know, foie gras will become illegal for sale and production in the United States. We have been thinking a lot about the implications of the implementation of this state proposition and wanted to share with you resources for pondering and responding to the issue. We have created a new Facebook page, BG Conversations, to discuss topics like this that come up. We want to have an open forum to hash out meat thoughts with our friends.

Below are links to information about the ban and the meat industry and chef response, as well as some links about bans in other areas. To share your thoughts, please go to BG Conversations.


An article written by BG Co-founder Marissa Guggiana for Edible Marin & Country

Sonoma-Artisan Foie Gras’ [the only California foie gras producer] round-up of info about foie gras production¬†(we especially like Mark Pastore’s letter)

A post from Linton Hopkins about his decision to continue serving foie gras


A lovely TED talk from Blue Hill’s Dan Barber about his exploration of the foie issue

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