Foraged Snails at Dai Due

BG Member Jesse Griffiths’ business, Dai Due, down in Austin is getting some attention lately for foraging garden snails, fattening them up, and selling them. Specifically, after foraging the garden snails, they feed them for a week on a diet of vegetable scraps (organic cabbage and parsley), then give them a couple days with some finely ground organic cornmeal.

Regulations on importing snails is quite rigid, so kudos to Jesse for finding an awesome work around!

Check out the full scoop and the rest of the Dai Due menu here.

I was lucky enough to visit the International Institute of Heliciculture in Italy last year where I learned some interesting facts about these slimy creatures. Perhaps most fascinating was their mating patterns. Other interesting facts include:

  • Snails have awful vision and aren’t able to hear, so they rely upon their good sense of smell to help them find their prey.
  • Instead of moving in a straight line, they move in a circle pattern.
  • Their slime is a powerful form of suction for them. This is why they are even able to move upside down, around corners, and other comical situations.
  • Many people know that salt is lethal to snails, but less known is that sugar kills them as well.

BG Meat Correspondant: Maya Hann-Byrd

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