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Certification with The Butchers Guild

Certified Members of The Butchers Guild uphold the ethos of our organization and exemplify the skills, knowledge and dedication required of a successful whole animal butcher. What is a whole animal butcher? Why don’t we just say butcher? What’s the difference? Well, many years ago, before the climate of meat production and selling it¬†changed with the birth of large retail supermarket chains; butchers had a deep knowledge of the animal, their cuts and how to prepare them. They took pride in providing a warm, valuable service to their customers. It was a direct link to our food from producer to consumer that was cut out. We see the need for that link to re-connect more than ever. Our Certified Members are that link.

Our Certified Members complete an application process where we vet their butchery experience, animal sourcing program, community involvement and dedication to the craft. When you support a Certified Member of The Butchers Guild, you are supporting a better way of cutting, producing, selling and eating meat.

How to Become Certified

If you are already a Member of The Butchers Guild, you may want to become certified. There are two easy steps to becoming certified, we look forward to processing your application.

1) Pay the processing fee

2) Complete the application

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