How A Meat Smoker Can Change An Island

One of our newest members, Bob McGee is opening a whole animal butchery and deli in Honolulu. He is working to change a food system that relies on shipping to the mainland for processing and make a truly local spot.

The Last link to opening is buying a smoker and they have started a fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo to get the last bit of money.Check out the video, read Bob’s words below and donate a few dollars to help make Honolulu more local:

“Though we do have ranchers, a lot of the cattle goes to the mainland for finishing, and is shipped back here,with no traceability. There are a few pig farmers and processing is slowly dwindling, yet the amount of beef and pork that are consumed on this island alone is unbelievable. So that’s when the concept of The Whole Ox Deli came along. It’s not exactly earth shattering brilliance, it’s just honest whole animal butchery, home made cold cuts, and scratch cooking. Here, on the island, though, it is a very new concept, that people seem ready for. For me, it’s a model, something that can be replicated throughout the state. The idea is, ultimately, to be able to help effect change in policy, but for now, we’re gonna just make good food.”

~Bob McGeeThe almost Whole Ox Deli

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