I Love Going To The Butcher

children's book about shopping with your local butcher, lee seelig

I always dreamed of writing a book for children about taking a trip to the local butcher shop. It is so important to teach our children that there are more sources for our food than retail grocery stores. It gives them access to more choices, better meat and healthier nutrition in the future. When I was growing up, my grandmother used to take me shopping with her to a butcher shop/deli in Alameda. The memories of holding my grandmothers hand whilst peering into a meat counter are fuzzy, warm and sun-laden, for me it was a treat. And if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a butcher shop nearby the experience is one that your children shouldn’t miss! Butchers Guild Member Lee Seelig wrote this wonderful book. I love reading it to my son, buy one and read it to your kids!

I Love Going To The Butcher, by Lee Seelig

Tia Holmes

Lee Seelig, third generation owner of his family’s meat business, brings to life a treasured tradition of journeying to the butcher shop in this fun and heartwarming children’s book.

Children tend to look forward to an approaching event—the barbecue with drinks and family and friends and, most importantly, food! But Seelig reminds us that an essential part of the magic comes from the meat market.

Follow a mother and child in an errand-turned-adventure, as they visit the butcher shop on Main Street, full of friendly butchers who share treats and cheerfully show off their slicing and prepping skills of the myriad of meats and cheeses in their shop. They know that the secret to perfect steaks and hamburgers is the artistry of the cut!

Then, it’s on to what we’ve all been waiting for—the grill, where Daddy takes over to create the most amazing smells and tastes. This draws out family and friends who gather in the backyard, eating and laughing and telling stories.

Seelig’s is a sweet story that reminds us to cherish the little things—like a juicy burger, a yard full of loved ones, and sliding under the bedcovers with a full tummy.


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