Denver Gets Even More IMV Salumi To Love

BG Charter Members IMV Salumi in Denver, CO are expanding both their wholesale dry-curing facility and opening a new retail spot. We couldn’t be prouder or more jealous of all those lucky Denver salumi-eaters!

Check out the news from the IMV blog below:

The Phase 1 dry cure room expansion at Il Mondo Vecchio So Cherokee is final! We broke on through our original dry cure room and into the new one last weekend!! We now have one large L shaped dry cure room which will at minimum allow us to more than double our current capacity. The original dry cure room will house more long term whole muscle salumi such as pancetta, guanciale, coppa, beef bresaola and finally a full production series of an Il Mondo Vecchio – Colorado Culatello. The large whole muscle items take from 3 months to upwards of 1 year. The original IMV magic dry room is well suited for that while the newly expanded space will allow us to increase the volume of production of our dry cure sausage varieties.

The IMV Salumeria is still on task with tile work and minor plumbing work being finished along with other basic needs. DeNittis is diligently working on a streamlined menu that will please “Back-Easter’s” that have longed for a real salumeria reminiscent of home. All the while introducing the Midwest and Rocky Mountain region to new and delicious food memories that we (as Back Easter’s) fondly grew up with in the Italian American city neighborhoods and grandparents or aunt/uncles kitchens back in Massachusetts, New York., New.Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania.
Although from the start we will be opening sans adult beverages we have applied for the proper licenses and at minimum we recently tasted a fine selection of small family estate wines from a variety of regions from the mother country (Italy). Trust these are far from pretentious you can look forward to a diverse, fun and affordable variety that will more than compliment IMV’s fine meats that come from the cases! Jenna is working on etching the  IMV “bicchiere” (glassware) that most of us grew up drinking wine out of or what you would experience in the small salumerias or trattorias of Italy or the greater Italian-American cities of Back East.

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