Inquiry for Interview with Female Butchers

Hi there!

I’m a student from Vassar College in NY working on my sociology senior thesis about women who butcher, and when I came across your guild, I was hooked! As someone who is invested in reforming food systems and building communities through food, I really admire the work you’ve put in to build such a community. My thesis topic is constantly shifting, but I’m trying to imagine butchery as a space to challenge gender norms for women, and to be a possible space for feminism, something which you may completely agree or disagree with. This thesis is only for my undergraduate degree, and so will be accessible on my college’s library site in May when it is completed, but will not be published in other scholarly sites.

Would anyone from your organization (preferably someone who identifies as a woman) be open to communicating with me over email/phone (or in person if they are in my area) to participate in a semistructured interview about their experience working with meat, the ways gender has or has not played a role in their work, and anything else they’d care to share about their livelihood and profession?

I’m happy to answer questions about the nature of my project, confidentiality, or anything else, and would love to speak to someone (or multiple people) involved with the Guild. I have found there is almost no academic literature on professional butchers, and even less on the ways gender is involved in the industry, and in my small part I’d like to change this, in support of the ever growing number of women who butcher.

Thanks for your help.

Maria Cali

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