John Stewart & Duskie Estes

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John Stewart & Duskie Estes, BovoloBlack Pig Meat Co.
Relocating to Seattle in 1994, John worked at Etta’s Seafood and Palace Kitchen, where he met his future wife and Queen of Porc Duskie Estes. While sous-cheffingat the well-known Cafe Lago he fell deeply in love with all things Italian. John could easily resonate with the Italian generosity of spirit, the connection between food and family, and the inclination not to waste a morsel [snout to tail philosophy].

John is a 1990 graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, an avid gardener, and after the move to Sonoma, a blossoming chicken farmer. He is also a devoted salumist having studied with chef Mario Batali and at the University of Iowa Meat Lab. He is responsible for Black Pig Meats, bacon and salumi made form antibiotic and hormone free pork, boar and lamb.

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