Affiliate Organizations

butchers This category of membership is for companies affiliated with butchery. Corporate membership allows you access to the leading minds in your target audience, sponsorship and co-marketing opportunities, and an invitation to our annual retreat.

We will approve Friends of Butchers Memberships that we feel further the development and support of the butcher trade. We hope to have a wide forum of voices in The Butcher’s Guild from University Meat Science Departments to vendors of top quality products to distributors working to bring local meat into the food system.

Every application starts with a phone interview. In this call, we will:

*Ensure that you work with the values of The Oath.

*Explain the tools and benefits of membership.

*Learn about your business and how The Butcher’s Guild can increase your success and satisfaction in your work.

Sign up for an interview in a free time slot on our BG Interview Calendar. Just add your name and phone number to the event details and we will call you.

The annual fee is $325.

Become a Friend of The Butcher’s Guild today and receive:

  • One free advertisement in The Butcher’s Guild Bulletin.
  • An invitation to attend Meat Camp, The Butcher’s Guild annual retreat.
  • Listing and link to your website on our Directory
  • Access to Members’ Forums, where you will be able to pose questions and join conversations with top meat professionals.
  • Permission to link to The Butcher’s Guild website on your site.

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