Join us at the IACP Conference!

Through the “The Fashion of Food” theme, the 34th Annual IACP conference this weekend will examine, challenge and celebrate the ways in which the food world interacts with other cultural currents. The weekend’s events showcase how food professionals are a huge part of the creative realm, influencing trends in publishing, media, social activism, sustainability, design, retail and fashion. AND The Butcher’s Guild is honored to be a part of the conversations this year!

Tia and Marissa will be leading not one, but TWO events at the conference!

The first discussion, this Friday, will be something all BG members will be able to relate to: What’s It Like to be a Real Butcher?

Marissa and Tia will discuss how takes more than tattoos and a bloody apron to be a real meat cutter (Although the first two make for some great photographs). They will describe the training, experience, disposition, business savvy, and dedication it takes to become a successful independent butcher in today’s world.

 The second event, on Monday, will be a Whole Animal Butchery class on working with the whole beast from farm to table, including: sourcing, butchering, curing, cooking and marketing.

Butchery of a half-pig will be followed by an in-depth panel and Q&A with top meat professionals, tackling concerns, aspirations and trends in today’s professional kitchens. The panel will discuss how the concepts of in-house butchery and whole-animal cookery are great, but not so easy to implement.

The panel consists of:

Marissa Guggiana and Tia Harrison of The Butchers Guild

Matt Jennings, chef/owner Farmstead

Adam Tiberio, owner/meatcutter Tiberio Custom Meats

If you are in New York, we hope you’ll join us! To check out other great events throughout the conference, click here.

If you aren’t in New York, IACP is holding a number of events coming up all over the country, check out their calendar.

AND you haven’t already voted for the IACP awards, you can do so here!

The details:

EXPERTS ARE IN: What’s It Like to be a Real Butcher?
Location: Millennium Hotel, Room 4.03
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Whole Animal Butchery
Institute of Culinary Education, 50 W. 23rd. St. 5th floor, room 1201
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

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