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Joining The Butchers Guild

There are probably more than a few reasons you are here on our site considering membership with The Butchers Guild, you may be interested in:

  • Learning to butcher
  • Connecting with other butchers
  • Opening a retail butcher shop
  • Marketing your restaurant’s use of whole animals
  • Enhancing your skills as a business owner who works with whole animals
  • Finding skilled employees
  • Promoting an event or project that represents your butchery focused business or restaurant
  • Aligning yourself and your business with the ethos, excellence and brand of The Butchers Guild
  • Sharing your unique skill and expertise with our members
  • Becoming a Certified Butchers Guild Member

If you are feeling confident that membership is right for you, you can join NOW by simply clicking this link and subscribing. Once we view your subscription, we send you and email with membership details and log in information.

Contact us at: We look forward to hearing from you.


How do I become a member?
If you want to join The Butchers Guild, its easy! Just click, pay and join!

Am I eligible for Membership in The Butcher’s Guild?
There are many different facets to building a better meat industry, and like the facets of a jewel it is each cut and characteristic that only, when viewed as a whole shines brightest and reflects the most light. We value every person of passion who is dedicated to our industry as an ambassador of change and growth, working together with integrity to elevate our trade. Butchers of all levels of expertise can join the butchers guild. Farmers, authors, meat nerds, chefs, processors, meat cutters, we welcome you.


If you build honest relationships with your customers, treat your staff and vendors well and believe that the power of inspiration and camaraderie can elevate our industry, you can be a member of The Butcher’s Guild.

If you are a scrupulous sourcer of products for your business, work with local producers and source whole animals from small farms, you can be member of The Butcher’s Guild.

If you butcher whole animals in your business, you can be a member of The Butcher’s Guild.

If you or your business donates to your community, you can be a member of The Butcher’s Guild.

If all of these apply to you, you are eligible and we are eager to hear from you!

What can I expect from BG and its members with my membership?
The Butcher’s Guild is a support network. So, for starters, you will gain access to a private BG Members Only Site with a directory of members whom you can contact with questions. The Butcher’s Guild includes some of the most experienced and well-respected professionals in the fields of butchery, meat curing and whole animal cooking.

Access to the past years conference materials, available for you to download and peruse on your own time.

Access online forums to pose questions and participate in conversations that interest you with other meat pros.

Most of all, The Butcher’s Guild will grow constantly around the issues that develop in our field. We are your fraternity.

How can I use The Butcher’s Guild brand for my business?
Link your brand to The Butcher’s Guild brand and we can both become stronger together. Use the Butcher’s Guild brand to increase your customers awareness of your skills, products and passions. Use our Q&A Webinars to grow and increase business profits. Use your membership as a way to talk to your customers about your butchering prowess. When someone asks “What is The Butcher’s Guild?”, you have an opportunity to talk about how important butchers are, the work you are doing and what makes you special.

As a butchers guild member, you will be able to link to our site and we will provide a link to your site. We will promote your brand within the industry through member profiles and other communications and initiatives letting consumers and professionals know about your business and your news.







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