Jon Gonzales

Jon Gonzales, El dorado Meat Collective

Jon Gonzales, El Dorado Meat Collective
Jon Gonzales is the founding member of the El Dorado Meat Collective (EMC), a traveling butchery and short-course, hands-on meat preparation educator, working collaboratively with freelance, professional BG butchers.  The EMC provides instruction in whole-animal butchery, transformation and preservation techniques.  After having worked in Tuscany Italy with various Norcino families (artisans) and attending technical classes in California and the Mid-West (meat science) Jon wanted to share his passion with others.  The EMC aims to bring citizens together in small groups, breaking down whole animals communally, discussing sustainability (sadly how meat has become a commodity) and our choices in becoming part of a more sustainable food system respecting the soil, the animals and farmers without whom we undoubtedly fail mother earth.  The EMC is also an epicurean adventure offering a variety of opportunities for “foodies” to learn and collaborate.  Jon leads trips for very small groups interested in the Italian countryside, slow food ways, and learning with artisans of products, meat and cheese.  He is also co-founder of Slow Food Gold Country in the El Dorado County area, North of Sacramento.

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