March Meat Madness: America v. Pink Slime

A pink slime-ploration from Maya Hann-Byrd, BG Meat Correspondent:

In the food industry, March was the month of pink slime. Over the last month there has been a huge public outcry against this “lean, finely textured beef”.  Within two weeks of starting an online petition to stop the use of pink slime in public schools, over 250,000 signatures were obtained. As it should be in a free market, businesses and the USDA have started to respond. Supermarkets and chains are no longer using this product and school lunches are on their way to be rid of it as well!

Without a doubt, the public should know what they are eating, be getting involved in food politics, and banding together to change the problems in our current food system.

Yet, while I want so badly to be looking forward and focusing on how great the power of the people can be, there has been a nagging voice in my head ever since the beginning of March Meat Madness. How did we get to this point, and how disgusting does our system have to get before people decide its time to speak up? How is it possible we’ve gone so long without rallying together against lunch school meat? From what I remember of the lunch “meat” at my New York City public school, anyone with eyes should have been able to tell it would be more suitable as a character from Ghostbusters than for eating. Personally, I remember seeing pictures of the pink goop McDonald’s used for burgers years ago and being horrified. These pictures circulated around but no one did much about it. I didn’t do much about it at the time. I should have.
I am happy someone did something about it-that we all are doing something about it.  It should be a priority to give our children school lunches that are healthy, and for all of us to be able to eat fresh, clean food. We need to keep this momentum up and continue to question, and act, for the right to eat well, live well and be well. This is a time when you, our butchers, chefs and informed food lovers, need to reach out, take America’s hand and lead it to our meaty future. I’m thankful that all of you will help America as we take the next steps in this fight.
Now, for a much funnier look at the pink slime scandal, here is Jon Stewart.
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