Matt Jennings’ Perfect Burger

The perfect burger. It’s obtainable and if anyone knows it, it’s Matt Jennings. Luckily, he is sharing his secrets with the world through a recent Esquire article.

Many of you are burger masters already, but since it’s always fun to try new things, give his 11 tips a try:

The Better Burger, from a Burger Champ

Always go for the cleanest meat you can find, which, in a lot of cases, is going to mean local, humanely-raised, grass-fed. Farmers’ markets are a great place to look. Your local butcher can definitely source it. So that’s first and foremost: good, healthy meat.

The best burgers are made from trim. The chefs that are making these burgers with part short rib, part chuck, part brisket? I see it as a marketing tool more than anything. Every animal is different. The only ratio that matters is the fat-to-lean ratio. Your burgers should be between 26-33 percent fat. End of story.

Set up a healthy relationship with a butcher you trust and tell them that you’re looking for beef scraps. You’ll need to anchor that mix with something, and I recommend chuck roll. It’s the top of the chuck, and it tends to have more fat to it. Use that as your base and add in the trim.

I don’t want a burger that’s so finely ground that you lose all the texture and juices. I want a little chew and body. So, if you’re grinding your meat at home, set your grinder on the biggest setting.

Or, better yet, you can rough-mince burgers by hand. That makes the best burger. Hand-chopping is the shit. Find yourself a really good, sharp knife and a tough cutting board and go at the meat, chopping until you get to a pebbly texture. You’re going to break a sweat, but once you’ve had a patty made that way, you can’t go back.

Read on at while I go fire up the grill.

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