“Meatballs are the New Cupcake”

BG Members have always known, that meatballs are the sh*t, way better than cupcakes….come on. But a budding meat trend is on the rise: fresh enthusiasm for meatballs, has these tasty orbs of ground-carne, taking center stage on menus all over the country. In a recent news story, ABC news takes a look at the Colorado meatball scene, and it’s booming, Meatball shops are popping up in New York, and may be coming to a city near you. It’s about time meatballs get the respect they deserve; the fame, the bulbous glory!! So save that trim and get creative, we want to see our BG Members getting wild with those salty balls, of meat (not chocolate, or whatever).

If you have a ridiculously delicious or interesting Meatball recipe, email us at info@thebutchersguild.org, and we will put your recipe up on the site. Lets get rolling.


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