New York Times “Tell Us Why It’s Ethical to Eat Meat” Contest

Most of us are aware of the reasons people use when defending vegetarianism. Since you are reading a Butcher’s Guild post, I’m guessing you have had quite a few conversations yourself about why you aren’t a vegetarian. You may even have this debate daily.

Too often the reasons to be a carnivore only come up in this vegan/vegetarian vs. meat-eater duality. At a time when our entire food system is in question, and there are so many negative points in the dialogue, it is important to speak up about the positive aspects of our carnivoristic world.

Thankfully, is holding a writing contest to do just that. They are accepting submissions on the topic of Why it’s Ethical to Eat Meat. There are a staggering amount of reasons to be pro-carnivore. “Bacon tastes good” seems to be common reason, but this contest serves to make people think of more then that. Perhaps, they will think about our part in the circle of life, what the world really would be like if no animals were consumed, and how much land and resources are used by animals. Perhaps, the ethics of other industries, in and around meat production will come into play.

Honestly, these essays could cause aggravation to many organizations, but hopefully it will cause a shift in the paradigm so that we no longer spend our time defending our meat eating habits, but instead, showing people how to eat meat ethically.

While only one essay will make the cut in the Times, it’s a great opportunity to engage people and challenge everyone’s thoughts on the entire food system. Whether or not you enter the NYT contest, it’s important to vocalize all the positive reasons why our meat industry exists.

For more information on the contest: visit

Please share with us your submissions and thoughts on this topic!

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