Welcome to the Butcher’s Guild

The Butcher's Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound to create a support system for our industry.

We focus on education and camaraderie to achieve a communal goal: a network of successful, skilled, independent butchers all across the country!

We also need courageous carnivorous consumers to insist on Good Meat!

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Buy Bacon For Good!

Help a Butcher’s Guild member and get some delicious, smoked pork belly in the process. FROM CRESTED DUCK: In order to grow and expand our local food business, we are pursuing USDA certification. This certification will allow out-of-state shipments, supplying retailers such as Giant Eagle Market District, and custom butchery of animals for local farmers […]

BG Member Adam Kaye Teaches DIY Flour

Ok, ok, it’s not about meat. But, hey, meat pie…pasta bolognese…meatball sandwich. It’s all part of a balanced diet. Adam Kaye, VP of Culinary Affairs at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and BG Charter Member, teaches how to make flour in the cozy comfort of your own kitchen.

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