David Zier, I love this phot

I just think this is such an awesome phot of David Zier of Zier’s Prime Meats. That is all. 💛 Tia

This is an image of David Zier of Zier's Prime Meats

This is an image of David Zier of Zier’s Prime Meats

FCI Needs Our Support!!

Over the years, The Butchers Guild has collaborated with Eat Real and The Food Craft Institute to create comprehensive meat education. We consider them our comrades! So with that said, here is a call to action!

The Food Craft Institute has been supporting small food makers with launching or growing their businesses since 2012. The work we do is helping create a permanent sector of viable artisan food. We’re hoping to collaborate with you once again, in the lead up to our participation in East Bay Gives on Thursday, May 4. On that day we need to raise $10,000 to continue providing high-quality education programs and mentorship for local food makers.

Since we’re both passionate about making our local food system stronger we’re hoping you can help us with the following:

  • Contribute directly to FCI programs on Thursday May 4 through the East Bay Gives website. Every little bit counts. (You can schedule a donation online today and then track our progress on May 4.)

  • Help us spread the word through your channels. We’ve included copy and images you could use below.

We hope you’re able to help FCI reach our goal. Thank you.

All the best

Willoughby, Ally, Marshka

Here’s some copy and images to use in your comms:


Our friends at [@foodcraftinstitute] need our support to continue education programs and mentorship for local food makers. FCI has assisted 100+ small food makers launch or grow their businesses and are helping create a permanent sector of viable REAL food. If you’re passionate about making local economies stronger and our local food system healthier show your support, on or before May 4th.



Help us and @FoodCraftInst change the US food landscape, one food maker at a time. Spread the word & support on 5/4 http://ow.ly/QcwY30ashO5

We stand behind real food makers & a healthy local food system by donating to @FoodCraftInst. Join us by 05/04! http://ow.ly/QcwY30ashO5

Food Tech Connect gives us tips on getting into Whole Foods

If you haven’t heard of Food Tech Connect, time to take a look.

They are “The platform for Good Food Innovation.” We love getting their monthly updates, full of industry information and tidbits for food entrepreneurs. See the article taken from their site below

Secret Sauce: 10 Tips for Getting Your Product into Whole Foods is a guest series by the founders of Bandar Foods. Follow along as Dan and Lalit share their tips and tricks for starting and growing a specialty food company.

“My Grandma makes the bestest pasta sauce and we want to get rich selling it. Can you help us?”

We hear new pitches like this every week. We’re not big shot investors, we’re gritty entrepreneurs hustling to build our snack and condiment company, Bandar Foods. Every few weeks, we sit down down with food-loving dreamers and taste delicious homemade cookies, exotic marinades and organic nut milks so they can pick our brain on how to get started. We’re always thrilled to help because we reached out to emerging food entrepreneurs when were just beginning and we still regularly reach out to more established entrepreneurs and mentors for advice.

The startup food business necessitates cooperation because it is tough to learn the ropes. For selling something as simple as food, the specialty food world is abnormally complex, and we’re grateful to all the mentors who have helped us along the way.

Which is why we’re excited to team up with Food+Tech Connect to share our basic instruction manual for hopeful founders. Over the next several weeks, we’re going to dive into the ten most important steps for building a strong food brand that’s ready to conquer your corner market, Whole Foods and beyond. We’ll cover everything from measuring demand and branding to understanding industry players and mastering the boring (but extremely important) stuff like accounting and insurance.

Get a teaser of each of the ten steps below, and make sure to check back every week for a deep dive into each one. 


1. Everyone loves Grandma’s sauce… or so they say

I bet Grandma makes the best spaghetti sauce you’ve ever tasted, tangy and not too spicy.  So why not start selling it? Well, have you ever paid Grandma to make it for you?  Or have your friends offered you cash for a jar?  There’s a huge difference between liking a product and it being truly good enough that strangers will spend their hard-earned bucks on it. Taking time to understand this difference from the start will be key before you embark on this journey.


2. Grandma’s a machine, but even she can’t make a thousand jars a day

Right now Grandma probably makes one small batch (with love) at a time. Clearly that’s fine for family dinners and maybe giving a few jars to friends, but start to think about scale. Either you will have to standardize the recipe and make larger batches in a commercial kitchen or you must be willing to hire a contract manufacturer to produce Grandma’s sauce for you. Also, will the sauce need to be refrigerated? These are a few important considerations to make at this stage to ensure you can consistently bring a high-quality product to market.


3. No doubt Grandma is cool, but is she brandable? Brand is everything!

Before you snag up the @GrandmasFamousSauce Instagram account and start sketching your logo take some time to understand what you’re planning to convey with your brand. Are you going upscale and exclusive or cheaper and accessible? What is your brand going to signify to your target customers? How does it compare to other sauce competitors? Can you get copyright or other legal protection to avoid getting ripped off in the future? Your brand is your most important asset. So you need to take time to think through some of these questions.


4. From Amazon to Zingermans: Where are you going to sell?

There are countless groceries, convenience stores, farmers markets, department stores, big box retailers, cafes, restaurants, gift shops, airport kiosks, drug stores, specialty baskets, liquor shops, delis, cafeterias, and roadside stands where Grandma’s sauce can potentially be sold. Oh, and there’s an Internet out there too. So much opportunity, but maybe Grandma doesn’t belong everywhere at once. Build a plan for where Grandma will go first and why.


5. So many middlemen. Understanding the players in the food chain

If you’re new to the industry, you might not know the difference between a broker and a distributor.  There are a lot of players in the industry who are integral to growing a strong food business. It’s extremely important to know who everyone is and how they’re important to your success.


6. Boring! Administrative, accounting, insurance, legal, Zzzzz

While Grandma’s sweating it out in the kitchen, you have to first get through the tedious stuff before you can hit the road and start selling. Incorporating your business, setting up basic accounting systems, buying insurance, securing basic legal protections, etc. For some people, these are the most unglamorous aspects of entrepreneurship, but it comes with the job. You’ve got to learn how to do this if you want to keep Grandma chopping the tomatoes.


7. Crunch the numbers and take a deep breath

There are really only two numbers that need to be calculated:

  1. How much money you can expect to make with this company
  2. How much money you will need to achieve your vision

Let’s think through what inputs go into both of these calculations, and what implications that has. Big numbers or small numbers here can be either exhilarating or intimidating. Deep breaths, we’re close to getting started.


8. Sell! Rick Ross meets Glengarry Glen Ross

“Everyday I’m hustlin…” Grandma’s blasting the boom box from the kitchen, so get fired up to sell sauce!  You can likely walk into your corner store and meet the manager and get in today (go now!). For other larger stores, find out who the buyer is and if you need a meeting, or if there’s a review schedule. Build a smart sales presentation and be willing to offer some discounted product or a strong promotional program to get on the shelf. Just always be selling…


9. You’re In! Now the real work starts…

Congratulations, you made into your local chain store!  Though you know this is a big accomplishment, you suddenly feel even more stressed. The biggest twist of the food world is that for as challenging as it is to get your product on a store shelf, the larger challenge is getting customers to buy your product off the shelf. The good news is you have some tools at your disposal including running promos, demos, or other events to build your in-store sales. But hurry, if you don’t do well you may very well get kicked off the shelf.


10. Ragu doesn’t stand a chance. Grandma’s growing the brand

Probably the most fun part of running a small food company is nurturing and supporting an exciting new brand. Your company can be an extension of your own personality, and you should do everything you can to spread that message. Using social media, sponsoring events, and generating word-of-mouth interest are all great ways to get the word out on Grandma’s sauce. Be creative, have fun and do it with love!


Our goal with this series is to create a guide that helps you, and Grandma, get your dream company started. So make sure to check back each week for a deeper dive into each of these steps. Have questions or feedback? Let us know in the comments below.”

F & A Next Food Summit

About F&A Next

F&A Next is food and agriculture’s foremost innovation summit of the year, taking place on the dynamic environment of the campus of one the world’s most renowned food and agriculture universities: Wageningen University & Research in the Netherlands. In 2016, the summit gathered over 400 startups, corporates and investors in The Netherlands. The 2017 edition will be a two-day summit with cutting edge business opportunities for startups, corporates and investors from more than 30 countries. The summit will address key themes such as the gradual shift to smart farming and the convergence of food and health.

Remember the time…..

Remember the time Conan O’Brien trained to be a sausage maker? We don’t either. I guess thats why it’s great somebody dropped this video into our email inbox. Check it out.

This is a picture of Conan O'Brien and a sausage

This is a picture of Conan O’Brien and a sausage

2018 World Butchers Challenge


IT has just been announced that Butchery Excellence Ireland’s bid to host the World Butchers’ Challenge in 2018 has been accepted. This is the first-time in the competition’s history that the event has travelled to Ireland, with Belfast announced as the host city.

The World Butchers’ Challenge will be taking place at IFEX 2018 at the Titanic Exhibition Centre, Belfast with a Gala awards event planned for Titanic Belfast, and the event is expected to attract 250 butchers from around the globe with a delegation of up to 1,000 extra visitors.

The World Butchers’ Challenge (WBC) was created as a platform where butchers from across the world can compete and showcase the butchery skills and creative uses of the beef, lamb and pork products from their respective countries. The current World Champions France will be a hard act to follow and the competition will be a great celebration of World Butchery Skills.


Having previously taken place in New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain, the winning bid to secure the event for 2018 came from Team Ireland and was submitted by Rhonda Montgomery, CEO of the Butchery Excellence Ireland and Chef Sean Owens in conjunction IFEX. Fresh Montgomery are the show organisers for IFEX, Northern Ireland’s premier showcase of equipment, interiors and food & drink products.


Speaking about the winning bid, CEO of the Butchery Excellence Scheme and Bid Co-ordinator, Rhonda Montgomery said: “Following a recent research trip to the World Butchers’ Challenge in Australia, I was confident that the Butchery Excellence Ireland could help to deliver the first-ever World Butchers’ Challenge for Ireland and history is being made, with Belfast announced as the host venue for 2018.” 

At the World Butchers’ Challenge 2018 Belfast it’s expected that over ten global teams will take part in the 2018 event, including teams from Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.

Commenting on the importance of the event IFEX’s Salon Culinaire Director, Chef Sean Owens adds: “We couldn’t be happier that we have secured this event for Belfast. This is an incredible opportunity for our Butchery Excellence Ireland members to demonstrate their skills and to shout about the quality of our produce on a world export stage. 

 “In addition to the competitions, our bid includes a five-day research trip across Ireland for the global delegation. This is our opportunity to showcase the world-class food tourism offering that we’re producing across the Island coupled with visits to our incredible world accredited venues, from the Giants Causeway to the Guinness Storehouse and the Wild Atlantic Way. For our guests, we’re hoping that they will take home a real sense of Ireland, and help to further establish our food island reputation globally.” 


IFEX, one of Europe’s longest-established food, hospitality and retail events, and winner of ‘Best Tradeshow Exhibition under 2,000 sq.m’ at the 2016 AEO Excellence Awards,

Taking place from 20th – 22nd March 2018, IFEX will grow its footprint, with an additional dedicated pavilion that will be home to the World Butchers’ Challenge and we welcome the butchers of the world to our purpose-built arena.


Commenting on the news of the World Butchers’ Challenge joining IFEX 2018, Managing Director of Fresh Montgomery, Toby Wand said:

“Working alongside Rhonda and the team from the Butchery Excellence Ireland, we were able to create a very compelling bid for why Ireland could host the World Butchers’ Challenge. We are thrilled to have the bid accepted and to be hosting the flagship event for showcasing the skills and produce of Irish and Northern Irish butchers on a world stage. 

“As an event, the World Butchers’ Challenge has a great synergy with IFEX and the addition of 250 of the best butchers from around the world and their contingencies will make IFEX 2018 the home of food, skills, hospitality and butchery in March 2018.” 

Butchery Excellence Ireland, based in Aughnacloy County Tyrone, was developed to help butchers across the country keep on top of changes to legislation, food safety, food labelling, new product development, personal development, training and marketing.

For further information on the World Butchers’ Challenge, contact Sean Owens at the Butchery Excellence Ireland / World Butchers Challenge on 028 855 57700 or log onto www.butcheryexcellence.com.

Sonoma County Meat Company Hiring

Original Post on CL

Sonoma County Meat Company is looking for a new Administrative Assistant Extraordinaire! This includes wearing the hat of Wholesale Director, Office Ninja, and other exciting roles.

Summary: You are in charge of managing all wholesale accounts and working with cut and wrap customers. You work with a small, close-knit group of employees in a fast-paced environment. You filter all issues/tasks/questions coming in to the company like an office ninja through the phones, email, and in person. This position requires flexibility, patience, and a detail-oriented mind

-Reliable, responsible, honest, and punctual
-A customer service attitude
-Flexible to change
-Work with a sense of urgency
-Committed to team leadership
-Good communication and writing skills
-Passion for local small business and the food industry
-Able to work in a temperature controlled environment (below 40 F degree)
-Must be able to stand 8 hours
-Must be able to lift 50 lbs

-Experience in the meat industry
-Experience with sales, retail shops, and making cold calls.
-Experience using Quickbooks
-Experience with leading a team and/or teaching

Please send in a resume and cover letter to apply, we look forward to meeting you!

Now Casting Butchers! New Cooking Competition Show!

Hey Butchers Guild Members and friends of The Guild!

I got this email the other day and am forwarding it on to our network. If you think you, or anyone you know would be a good fit, go for it!

“My name is Janah and I’m a casting producer working on a brand new cooking competition show. I’d love to get some great butchers in the mix for casting who are also great home cooks and was curious if you’d be able to help spread the word through The Butchers Guild. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon!”
All the best,

Janah Brooks Golden
Casting Producer

 See Attached Flyer

Wild Buffalo Hiring Plant Manager

Plant Manager Wanted – Wild Idea Buffalo Co. – Rapid City, SD
Wild Idea Buffalo Company is currently seeking qualified candidates for Plant Manager.
Wild Idea Buffalo Co. is a 100% grass-fed/grass-finished bison meat company, whose overall mission is environmental sustainability. All animals are field harvested on the prairie. Plant manager would be responsible for receiving carcasses at our plant and breaking them down into fine cuts. Qualified candidates must have: full knowledge of carcass breakdown, good organizational skills, safety & sanitation oversight, be able to lead a crew, ability to work well with others. HACCP certification and sausage making skills are a plus.

For more details on our company, please go to; www.wildideabuffalo.com .

Or, for more details on position or to submit resumes, contact Jill O’Brien at 605-791-4272 or email at jill@wildideabuffalo.com .

Butcher Training in Alabama

To whom it may concern.

My name is Joe Dawicki, and due to some positive life changing circumstances I want to take a serious look into where I might be able to get formal training/education in the butcher field. I’m located in northern Alabama about 30 mins south of Huntsville. If you know of any schools or shops that are willing to take in someone and train them from the floor up I would appreciate a point in their direction.
Thank you for your time.
Joe Dawicki
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