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Check out our Butchers Guild Member of the Month, Ronald Savenor of Savenor’s Market, take a look at his profile here.

BG Thought Leader Webinar Series | Anya Fernald

Go big or go home | Vertical Integration with Anya Fernald

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Fun for the Fourth

Here is a fun menu item for July 4th from one of our members, Avedano’s Meats in San Francisco. If you live in the bay area make sure to stop by and pre-order your burger blend patties for this coming weekend. If you spend $25 dollars before July 2nd you could be entered to win a Avedano’s Burger Pack for four – Details below

Fulfill your Fourth of July Hamburger Fantasies at Avedano’s

We know that you want fireworks from your Fourth of July grilling meats, and when we say sparkle, what we mean is juicy. delicious. hamburgers. The kind that make you close your eyes bite after bite and think “Mmmmm, thats a damn good &*#$% burger! Wait, it’s almost gone (frowny face)”

This weekend to celebrate our country’s independence, the butcher block at Avedano’s has crafted three signature burger blends for you and a contest that will make you feel like a real winner. Burger blend patties will be ready for pre-order or in store purchase July 3rd through the weekend. Call ahead to pre-order 415-285-6328

Avedano’s Signature Burger Blends

  • Shitake Mushroom Truffle Shallot Burger
  • Jalapeño Cheddar Cilantro Burger
  • Bacon Burger Blend
Spend $25 dollars at Avedano’s this week and you can be automatically entered to win an Avedano’s Burger Pack for four people. 

Avedano’s Burger Pack #WINNING

Four perfect, delicious hamburger patties of your choice
Four Brioche Hamburger buns
Edmund Fallot Basil Mustard
Sosu Sirachup
Four bags of Route 66 potato chips of your choosing
Four slices of swiss cheese
Lettuce and tomato
2 pounds of house made bacon
Juliet, Bread and Salt Hospitality, butchers guild member,

Josh Lewin


For Chef Josh Lewin, a career in the kitchen was arguably inevitable.

Boston-bred with an expansive family, he was exposed early on to a variety of different kitchens and cooking styles including Italian, Romanian, and Austrian cuisines. Influenced early on by his paternal grandmother, he saw firsthand how one’s travels – in her case, France, Cuba, Africa, Japan – could inspire once back home.

At just 12 years old, Josh began testing out his own recipes and even developed a menu and business plan for a bed & breakfast for the family home where he shared a bedroom with his younger brother.

While it didn’t pan out, he rarely left the kitchen until, a few years later, he transitioned into a more professional kitchen. Beginning as a dishwasher, he quickly became a valuable member of the team and was promoted to line cook while in the middle of high school. Before long, he had redeveloped the dinner program and was managing full time. On the side, Josh took every opportunity he could to learn about food from around the world, taking lessons from exchange students from Spain, France, and Morocco, among others.

Following high school graduation, Josh landed his first real apprenticeship at a family-run steakhouse in Connecticut, getting exposure to late-century Americanized fine dining staples. He also did some dairy farming and bartending, adding to his growing knowledge base. As his passion grew, so did his commitment to the field, and Josh staged with a number of highly regarded chefs and restaurants, including Charlie Trotter’s, No. 9 Park, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Craig on Main, Clio, and Uni Sashimi Bar.

After completing service with the United States Marine Corps, Josh recommitted himself to a career in restaurants, inspired by the universal tradition and importance food has for all peoples across the globe. Landing back in Boston, he joined Beacon Hill Bistro as sous chef in 2010 and became executive chef just two years later.

During this time, Josh and his partner, Katrina Jazayeri, began independently hosting a series of pop-ups and themed events, allowing them to celebrate their own personal favorite things. Thus, Bread & Salt Hospitality was born, and its great success and warm reception allowed the two to pursue the endeavor full time.

Upon leaving Beacon Hill Bistro to pursue Bread & Salt Hospitality in 2014, Josh took to opportunity to stage twice more, this time with James Beard award-winning Vikram Sunderam at Rasika in Washington, DC. and Dominique Crenn at the two Michelin-star Atelier Crenn.

In September 2014, Bread & Salt took the opportunity to open their first restaurant, the temporary “Bread & Salt at Wink & Nod” in Boston’s South End, ensuring the successful launch of an innovative program that now serves as a rotating culinary incubator program for local chefs & pop-ups. For seven months, Josh and his team oversaw the entire menu and kitchen while developing the concept for his own brick & mortar and a new pop up concept, Gitana, celebrating the Spanish cuisine he fell in love with traveling in Barcelona and Sevilla.

Slated to open this summer, the 30 year old chef will introduce Juliet, the first freestanding entity under Bread & Salt Hospitality, to his Somerville, MA neighbors.

Member of The Month

Check out our Butchers Guild Member of the Month, Analiesa Gosnell of Clove and Hoof in Oakland, CA. Take a look at her profile here.

Story City Locker | Edible Iowa

Take a look at this wonderful article about Story City Locker in the 2015 summer issue of Edible Iowa (also included is a delicious recipe for Ribeye Steaks with Grilled Poblano Butter, just in time for Father’s Day).

I was so excited to read this article and  I can’t tell you how proud I am to have Bobbie Jo & Ty Gustafson as members of The Butchers Guild. I also love that author Adam Blake Wright wrote about the power of working with integrity and passion in the meat industry (he clearly gets it). It is so important that our food system tilts back towards balance and butchers like these are the ones who are helping make that shift. They contribute to their community, work with integrity and their attitude of openness in paving a path for others to join and rise, truly embodies the qualities we imagined when we founded The Butchers Guild and envisioned our membership.

Story City Locker’s dedication to The Butchers Guild Oath inspires us, the work that owners Bobbie Jo & Ty Gustafson put into their company is truly valuable and we are slapping some serious high fives in the BG office after reading this one. Bravo!


Francis Hogan


Francis Hogan,
Francis Hogan brings more than 17 years of culinary experience to his position as executive chef of Bluestem Brasserie. Hogan’s interest in the culinary arts began at the age of fifteen when he convinced the owner of a neighborhood Italian restaurant to take a chance with the inexperienced teenager. Complementing Chef Hogan’s rich culinary background, the 32-year-old is also a trained butcher, cheese specialist and Level 1-certified sommelier.  The young chef has traveled throughout Europe to hone his skills and draws inspiration from his talented coworkers, seasonal ingredients and the bounty of farm-fresh provisions in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Hogan, whose cooking style is rooted in history and tradition, often mines his vast collection of historic cookbooks for recipe inspirations and techniques.  He strives to create flavorful, unique and approachable cuisine using quality ingredients that can be traced back to their natural origins.

Patrick Gebrayel


Patrick Gebrayel, Heywood’s Provision Company,
is CEC and proprietor ofwhich produces and sells high-quality artisan meats and food in Marietta Georgia. Patrick is also the former executive chef at the Dunwoody Country Club of Atlanta. Patrick has served as the director of his local chapter of the American Culinary Federation and is considered a pioneering chef in the Atlanta area in the “farm to fork” movement. In addition to his expertise in quality organic and locally-sourced food, Patrick is also an expert in food safety, being one of the first chefs in his field to become HAACP certified for safety in food handling and preparation. In spare time, Patrick is also an amateur beekeeper and organic gardener.

This is an image of Brian Polcyn, co-author of Charcuterie & Salumi



Chef Brian Polcyn is an award-winning chef and charcuterie expert.  Chef Polcyn is nationally recognized for his creativity and culinary talents, and as the visionary behind some of Detroit’s most acclaimed restaurants.

While still in his 20s, Polcyn honed his skills at two of Michigan’s most prestigious restaurants, The Golden Mushroom under Certified Master Chef Milos Cihelka and The Lark. He created four of Michigan’s most prominent restaurants before opening the Forest Grill in Birmingham, Michigan.

In 2000 Chef Polcyn was prominently featured in Michael Ruhlman’s widely read book, “The Soul of a Chef: The Journey Toward Perfection”.  That takes the reader through Chef Polcyn’s grueling weeklong Certified Master Chef practicum and exam at the Culinary Institute of America.  Chef Polcyn and Ruhlman teamed up in 2005 to publish “Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking, and Curing.”  “Charcuterie” was also nominated for a James Beard Award.

Chef Brian has been featured in local and national publications, including The New York Times, The Detroit News, Atlantic Monthly, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, Playboy, Detroit Hour Magazine, The Detroit Free Press and Wine Spectator.

His numerous awards include three gold medals and a silver medal from The American Culinary Federation. The Hiram Walker Corporation recognized him as a “Rising Star in American Cuisine.” In 1990, he was first runner-up in the semi-annual American Culinary Gold Cup Bocuse d’Or, which is a competition that seeks America’s top native-born chefs. Five Lakes Grill won best restaurant in 2005.  Chef Polcyn was also nominated for Best Chef Midwest in 2006 by the James Beard Foundation.  He has cooked several times at the James Beard House in New York City, participates at the Traverse City Epicurean Classic, and the StarChefs International Chefs Congress.

Chef Polcyn is also a faculty member at Schoolcraft College where he teaches charcuterie.  He is also involved with many local charities, such as Michigan Chefs Against Hunger, Share Our Strength, Children’s Leukemia Foundation of Michigan, and National charities like the Taste of the NFL.  Giving back to the community means a lot to him.

Chef Polcyn and his wife Julia, have five children. He enjoys spending time with his family. When he is not in the kitchen, at school or with his family you can find him in the skies. Chef Polcyn is a licensed pilot.

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