Trevor Morones, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

Trevor Morones


Trevor Morones is a relative newcomer to the industry. As a teenager working his way up the ranks of the kitchen brigade, Morones took his excitement for culinary arts to New York City where he graduated from the French Culinary Institute in 2010, Morones began his vocation in the kitchen, working under recognized Michelin stared chefs before finding a home amongst the ranks of retail butchers at Eataly. After a year of service, Trevor’s interest in butchery had grown into an eagerness to decode the craft of butchering, instigating a move to work directly next to top meat purveyor, Pat La Freida. There he learned the ins and outs of wholesale meat, HACCP compliance, and International markets. Currently, working as a HACCP consultant, Morones hopes to use his knowledge to one day open a retail butcher shop of his own.

Eric Veldman Miller, V. Miller Meats, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild members

Eric Veldman Miller


Eric Veldman Miller and Matt Azevedo, V. Miller Meats
Eric is currently opening V. Miller Meats in Sacramento CA, and has recently completed an intensive apprenticeship in Whole Animal Butchery at Sutter Meats under Butcher Terry Regassa. He decided to open his own shop after working in fine dining for the past 15 years. During his career, he was the lead instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, focusing on the butchery and international cuisine curriculum, as well as working under great chefs in Calistoga, San Francisco and Sacramento.Matt first gained experience in whole animal butchery while working for his uncle in Italy, where he received a valuable introduction to whole hog breakdown and the process of dry curing and fermentation of the various hog parts.
The most valuable part of his training in butchery as a chef was while working at Chez Panisse Restaurant, where all animals are sourced whole or in full primals. After Chez Panisse Matt developed a charcuterie program at Restaurant 13 in Sacramento, using all parts of whole hogs butchered in house.
For the past year, he has been working as a culinary instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, teaching the meat and fish course.

Aaron Oster, Echo and Rig, Whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

Aaron Oster


Aaron Oster, Echo & Rig
Originally from Connecticut, Aaron spent most of his professional career in New York City behind the stoves.  It wasn’t until he decided to leave and island of Manhattan for the island of Martha’s Vineyard where his passion took flight in the craft and art of butchery. There he learned about life on the farm from the many local farmers and helped bring Master Salumierie Francois Vecchio to the Vineyard where he coordinated a full week of piggery with the legendary butcher.  Along with his wife a baker, he consulted and helped to build the first of it’s kind Whole Animal butcher shop/ Steak House in Las Vegas, where he is Head Butcher.  Open since August 2013, the shop prides itself on continuting the tradition and responsibility  of those who prepare and breakdown old world charcuterie and whole animals.  With over 36 different types of charcuterie in Rotation, the butcher shop at Echo & Rig is growing into a great community center for locals.  Aaron is a proud member of the guild and hopes that his apprentices will continue to build the foundation the guild has already laid out.

Stephen Pocock, Boccalone, butchers guild members, whole animal butchery

Stephen Pocock


Stephen Pocock, Boccalone & Damn Fine Bacon,

Stephen has been smoking and curing meat for at least 10 years. What started as a hobby while he worked in the TV industry has become his profession. Since 2007 he has been at Boccalone, where he is the Salumiere. He recently launched Damn Fine Bacon, bringing his smoked pork bellies to his Bay Area fans.

Sam Edwards


Edwards Hams:

In 1926, S. Wallace Edwards, the young captain of the Jamestown-Surry ferry began selling ham sandwiches to his passengers. The ham had been cured by him as on the family farm according to those time tested methods.

Soon demand became great enough that S. Wallace Edwards began curing hams on a full time basis, distributing them to country stores and fine hotels, and shipping them throughout the country and overseas.

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons remains a family operation in Surry County not far from Jamestown where Native Americans taught the settlers to cure meat. Today’s facilities simulate the seasons without sacrificing the care and attention that result in that unique flavor of Virginia hams.

In the time-honored style of the Native Americans, settlers and farmers before them, S. Wallace Edwards & Sons processes each ham by hand as it goes through the stages of curing.

The very finest hams are selected and hand-rubbed with salt. They remain in the curing room under controlled temperature until the desired amount of salt has been absorbed. Excess salt is removed by washing and the hams are then pepper-coated and ready for hanging in the smokehouse.

Many days of cool “hickory” smoked are required to give these hams their rich mahogany color. They are then allowed to hang undisturbed for “aging” until they develop that real Virginia flavor.

Uncooked hams are ready to ship at this point others may go through a cooking process in the ham kitchen. These are submerged in water and slowly simmered until they are fully cooked and ready to be served.





David Zeir, Zeir's Prime Meats, Butchers Guild Member, whole animal butchery, support your local butcher

David Zier


David Zier, Zier’s Prime Meats and Poultry
Dave has been a butcher for over 30 years, honing his craft under the tutelage of his Father, a retired USDA Federal Meat Inspector turned small town locker plant operator. He and his wife Denise own and operate Zier’s Prime Meats and Poultry in Wilmette, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago,which they reopened in 1985. Dave and his crew routinely butcher whole lambs and large primal cuts of cattle as well as whole hog butchery.Unfortunately Wilmette does not allow slaughter of animals in town, but Dave can occasionally be found in the north woods foraging for his own personal venison and game birds in the fall months before the holidays. Dave can be seen throughout the year on various local Chicago news channels extolling various “new” cuts of beef like the flatiron and teres major
(thank you Kari Underly!)

Analiesa Gosnell, Clove and Hoof, the butchers guild, whole animal butchery

Analiesa Gosnell


Analiesa Gosnell, Clove and Hoof
Analiesa has been involved with agriculture from an early age.  Beginning with 4-H at age 9, she raised and showed meat animals in the California Bay Area until she graduated high school and continued her education at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she obtained a B.S. in Agricultural Business with concentrations in Marketing and Hospitality.  After working in corporate America for 6 years, she left and found herself opening a Tahoe based pop-up restaurant with a few friends. Working in the kitchen drew her once again to learning about agriculture – specifically meats – from how animals are raised, slaughtered, butchered, and cooked, and the economic and ecologic impact we are currently experiencing with the slow and sustainable meat movement.She is now co-owner of Clove & Hoof Restaurant and Butchery in Oakland, CA opening Autumn 2014.

Vincent DeLagrange, Whole Animal Butchery, butchers guild member, urban farmer, cleveland,

Vincent DeLagrange


Vincent Delagrange, Urban Farmer Cleveland
Vincent Delagrange has a passion for preserving the art of traditional butchery. He was on the opening team of the Solon Market District grocery store near Cleveland, Ohio and currently leads his department in the development of handmade sausage recipes. Vincent is also responsible for the creation of specialty items and is often called upon for challenging custom orders. He is driven to pursue education in old-school butchering methods and is always looking for opportunities to learn new techniques. Vincent values a farm-to-table, snout-to-tail philosophy and has indoctrinated his children with an undying reverence for the pig. He loves educating consumers about the physiology of where their meat comes from and how it’s best prepared.

Mark DeMarco, The Biltmore Hotel, whole animal butchery, butchers guild member

Mark DeMarco


Mark Demarco, Cedric’s Tavern on The Biltmore Estate A 1999 Graduate of the IUP academy of culinary arts, Mark is currently the executive chef of Cedric’s Tavern on Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC.  Working at Biltmore Estate, Mark has access to estate raised beef and lamb that is featured prominently in the many restaurants on Biltmore throughout the year.  In 2011, Cedric’s began to feature a charcuterie board, utilizing the estates beef and lamb, as well as locally sourced pork, chicken and mountain trout, keeping with the “field to table” tradition Biltmore Estate is known for.

Revival Bar and Kitchen, Matthew Besser

Matthew Besser


Matthew Besser, Revival Bar & Kitchen

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