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The Butcher's Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound to create a support system for our industry.

We focus on education and camaraderie to achieve a communal goal: a network of successful, skilled, independent butchers all across the country!

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pulled pork, peter hertzmann, recipes, knife skills illustrated

Pulled Pork, need we say more?

Pulled Pork from BG member and author Peter Hertzmann  Next time you’re in the area, drop in at Cape Fear BBQ & Chicken in Fayetteville, North Carolina. It’s easy to find on Grove Street, State Route 24, not too far from Fort Bragg. Order a BBQ Sandwich. You’ll get an moderate helping of pulled pork […]

recipe for a pretzel dog from BG Member Matt Hinckley

Let it Roll

BRATWURST PRETZEL ROLL WITH SAUERKRAUT AND TARRAGON MUSTARD Like most Americans, my first experience with sausage rolls was eating “pigs in blankets” as a child.   They were typically Vienna sausages or hotdogs wrapped in puff pastry.  Like most, I grew out of them (college excluded), until they resurfaced as a larger roll that I discovered […]

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