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Steve Dustin


Steve Dustin
Monument Lane is a West Village tavern serving seasonal American food featuring ingredients from regional farmers and growers who promote sustainable practices. The menu changes weekly, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to showcasing the local harvest.

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Jon Emanuel


Jon Emanuel, Project Angel Heart
Jon Emanuel is the Executive Chef at Project Angel Heart in Denver, Colorado; a non-profit providing free, nutritious meals to those living with life-threatening illnesses. He is also a chef instructor at the Metropolitan State College of Denver, as well as the founder of the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club. Jon’s interest in butchery started while working in challenging environments– including Executive Chef stints in remote Alaska and South Pole Station, Antarctica—where whole animal or primal fabrication was a necessary skill. Over the years Jon has acquired a deeper knowledge and appreciation of charcuterie, sustainable meat practices and whole-beast cuisine; and tries whenever possible to include these skills in his current work. Jon is also a graduate of the very first session of the Rocky Mountain Institute of Meat’s Butchery Certification Program.

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Tony Incontro


Tony Incontro, Del Dotto Winery
Tony is the Salumist and Sous Chef at Del Dotto Winery, a family-owned winery which focuses on small production, premium wines. He has worked in many other indisputably fine establishments, including Perbacco & Barbacco, Martini House and Omaha Country Club.Tony’s love affair with salumi started at age 8 when he would help his nonno from Calabria break pork and make salame in the garage during the winter.   He is a “chef gone curer/salumist.” Primarily using Mangalitsa hogs and helping to preserve and promote this noble breed has become a vital “ingredient” in his work.  Keep an eye out for Incontro Salumi in the bay area!

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Chris Fuller


Chris Fuller, a.k.a Meat ChrisFuller Consulting, LLC
Chris brings a unique ability to connect farmers and producers with consumers and the restaurant industry.  He holds an AA from Johnson and Wales U. in Culinary Arts and a BS in Anthropology from Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO. His first involvement in meat processing began by working his way up to become Plant Manager at Sunnyside Meats in Durango, CO. In January of 2012, Chris successfully completed designing, opening and operating a federally inspected plant, Alleghany Meats, in Highland County, VA.  He enjoyed the challenge of directing the final touches on the building, and then filling it with equipment, employees, HACCP plans, and finally meat.  Now, Chris keeps his hands full running Fuller Consulting, LLC, a Los Angeles based firm that works with clients on everything from plant design, to mobile units, to retail shops, to HACCP plans.  In addition to his consulting work, Chris is also the Center of the Plate Specialist for US Foods in Carona, CA.

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Ronald Savenor


Ron Savenor, Savenor’s Market 
Ron Savenor grew up immersed in his family’s business. From cleaning to stocking, cashiering to butchering, he has experienced every role that, together, has maintained Savenor’s reputation as “The Best on the Block” for decades. Ron took over as Savenor’s owner and master butcher. Under his leadership, Savenor’s has experienced substantial growth, including the opening of a second retail location, expanded delivery and an increased wholesale operation. He also spearheaded bringing in local and sustainable meats that are now a staple in the retail and wholesale operations

Sarah & Andy Harper

Andy and Sarah Harper left their corporate jobs to start a whole animal butcher shop in Vacaville, CA. More to come as the business gets closer to opening its doors in late 2014!

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Christian Caiazzo


Christian Caiazzo, Osteria Stellina
Executive Chef and owner of Osteria Stellina in Point Reyes Station, Ca., Caiazzo is renowned for his locally-sourced Italian food. From sous chef at Wolfgang Puck’s Postrio in San Francisco to Executive Chef at San Francisco’s TwentyFour, a fine dining restaurant at San Francisco’s PacBell Park. After moving to Point Reyes Station, he worked at Cowgirl Creamery and opened Toby’s Coffee Bar. He continues to run Toby’s and offers a famed grilled cheese sandwich at the Point Reyes farmers market.

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BG Thought Leader Q&A Webinar


It is difficult to know how to best tell your story and market your business to your customers. What is your strategy? Should you hire someone? Should you do it yourself? What is the best use of your time? How will you make sure your customers know and value your business from the moment they walk through the front door to finding your website online?

Ask the experts! Talk with branding expert and principal of Applied Storytelling, Eric La Brecque about branding for butchers. During this call you will be able to ask questions while you follow along with the presentation, that are specifically helpful to you and your business..

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Eric La Brecque

Principal, Applied Storytelling

Eric La Brecque is the principal of Applied Storytelling, a brand strategy firm headquartered in Oakland, California. Over the past 20 years, he and his teams have used a distinctive approach to brand-building that applies narrative technique to develop corporate and product brands and naming systems for dozens of organizations ranging from startups to Fortune 500® companies.

In addition to developing tools and methods that many organizations and firms have adopted as their standard, Eric has also worked to make the benefits of brand storytelling accessible to small businesses, creative entrepreneurs, and local communities.  He works with the understanding that the marketplace remains a lively, surprising and arrestingly human place to be, no matter how fragmented or mediated it might sometimes become.

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Bobbie Jo Gustafson


Ty and Bobbie are owners of the Story City Locker, a custom meat processor fronted with an artisan butchery, The Cleaver, in Story City, Iowa.
Ty grew up in Northwest Iowa, helping his dad farm and raise pigs.  Ty worked his way into corporate leadership but became discontent there. A hunter with a heart for rural life, Ty was happy to leave international business.  He is proud to invest 20 years of experience in a locally focused business.
Bobbie grew up in Central Iowa and has a design background.  She’s a supporter of CSA concepts and is developing heritage vegetable gardens, and the future introduction of grazing livestock, onto their 37 acre small farm.  She is happy to be involved with the locker because it prioritizes sustainable concepts.
Ty and Bobbie have been mentored by Dale and Shirley Haupert, owner/operators of The Atlantic Locker in Atlantic, Iowa. Dale and his sons are long-time friends and hunting companions of Ty’s. Dale and Shirley have operated the locker in Atlantic for more than 25 years.
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