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Good meat can change the world.The Butcher’s Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound by The Oath to sell good meat. While we encourage every butcher to use only whole animals from local farms, we are hoping to rebuild an industry and have a spirit of inclusion.The Butcher’s Guild stands in the guild tradition of maintaining a moral code within a trade. Butchers in the United States have lost their cohesion and support network as the food system has become dangerously centralized. The centralization killed the demand for skilled artisans. We see the future of food based in localized food communities that require the knowledge of the butcher and we are fostering this generation of craftsman. The Butcher’s Guild will be a reference place for butchers, as well as consumers that seek good meat.We recognize food as part of a greater system that affects our health, environment and economy.
meat Marissa Guggiana is co-founder of The Butcher’s Guild. She is also the author of Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers, founding president of Sonoma Direct, and author of Off The Menu: Staff Meals From America’s Top Restaurants. From 2008 to 2011, Marissa was an editor and contributor to Meatpaper, a quarterly magazine exploring the fleischgeist. She is an advisor to the charcuterie segment of the Good Food Awards. Marissa co-founded Secret Eating Society, and was a leader in Slow Food, for which she was the curator of 2008’s Slow Food Nation Charcuterie Pavilion. She is a past fellow with Roots of Change, an organization to create a sustainable food system as the new mainstream. She is also the owner and an instructor at a tiny yoga studio in the far reaches of Contra Costa county, California.

Primal Cuts: Cooking with America’s Best Butchers
 is a nationally distributed fall 2010 release that profiles fifty of the most sustainable artisinal butchers in the country. Each profile includes recipes and inspiration for home cooks to get to the source of meat and look beyond factory-farmed protein.A new addition will be out in 2012.Sonoma Direct is a family run, USDA-inspected meat plant in northern California, which butchers whole animals raised on small, local farms. Since 2005, Sonoma Direct has been innovating local food systems and educating the public on the importance of farm to table eating. It also piloted a meat CSA [community supported agriculture] with UC Cooperative Extension, which facilitated over 300 members buying meat direct from local ranches.
butchers Tia Harrison is co-founder of The Butcher’s Guild, Executive Chef and co-owner of Sociale, a northern Italian-inspired Restaurant, and co-owner of Avedano’s Holly Park Market, a neighborhood butcher shop that focuses on whole animal butchery. Since 2003 Tia has been Executive Chef at Sociale working to expand her expertise as a food professional in San Francisco. In 2007 Tia Harrison opened Avedano’s; the first US women owned and run butcher shop with the inspiration of reviving the dying art of butchering by hand and supporting small farms as well as sustainable food systems. Tia Harrison developed a consumer butchery class that she teaches monthly at Avedano’s.Sociale is a neighborhood restaurant in the Presidio Heights district of San Francisco, which has been an integral part of the “farm to table” approach to dining in the Bay Area. Sociale is proud to serve only the best in locally grown produce, sustainably farmed meats and wild caught seafood.Avedano’s Holly Park Market and its owners are leaders in the butcher’s revolution whose focus is the support and education of the art of butchering, consumers, local farmers, community as well as whole animal events, and things that are meaty and delicious.


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