Paul Carras

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Paul Carras
Butcher and Meat Department Manager, Taylor’s Market, Sacramento, CA

Butcher Paul Carras began his career, cleaning the meat department at Sacramento’s Taylor’s Market in 1996.  In 1998, while he was working on his B.S. at California State University at Sacramento, he began his training as an old-style butcher at Taylor’s under the guidance of the owner, Danny Johnson.  Since graduating college, Paul says, “Butchering has been my life.”

In 2013, Paul was part of the Taylor’s Market team that won the Flying Knives Competition at the Eat Real Festival in Oakland, California.

As meat department manager at Taylor’s Market, Paul teaches a variety of butchering classes offered by Taylor’s, including the hunter’s butchering and hands-on hog butchering classes.  His biggest pleasure as a butcher is breaking down whole animals such as beef, hogs, goats and lambs.  He enjoys lamb butchering the most because it demonstrates his skills as an experienced butcher.

Paul is a member of The Butchers Guild.

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