Peter Jackson, Boucherie Meats

peter jacksonPeter studied culinary arts under the instruction of Chef Kenneth Wolfe from 1982 to 1985. Peter gained a love of Southern Louisiana and Creole style cuisine during a stint in New Orleans at renowned restaurant, August, with Chef John Besh. His culinary pedigree includes the likes of top Bay Area kitchens such as Montage in San Francisco, Yankee Pier, Lalime’s, Miss Pearl’s Jam House and Toast Wine Lounge. After launching Toast Wine Lounge, Peter decided to expand his culinary talents to become a personal chef. Peter opened his first restaurant, Canvas Restaurant, in 2000 in Oakland’s Montclair neighborhood which quickly became a neighborhood gem known for serving “deceptively simple but lovely food.” He enjoyed creating distinctly unique menus each day utilizing only the best, local and sustainable ingredients available.

Now onto his new endeavor, Peter brings his experience and passion for locally grown and sustainable food to Boucherie Meats by taking care and pride in crafting delicious and distinct meats.

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