Pork Sashimi, Whipped Lardo, and Brainaise

Chris Cosentino is at it again. The BG member and San Francisco Chef is now bringing his offal love to downtown LA with PIGG at UMAMIcatessen.

UMAMIcatessen is a take on an international street bazaar. While PIGG is one of 5 kitchens within the larger restaurant, people can’t seem to take their attention off of the magical pork creations Chris features. The menu encourages customers to choose their own adventure and there is quite a pork adventure to go on! Travel vicariously by tasting cured meat from Spain, Italy and all over the US; choose whether you want pork crudo, cook, or canned. Even the sides and salads here are porktastic. This ode to the pig is sure to show LA eaters how many delicious ways there are to prepare and utilize an oinker from snout to tail.

Oh, and did I mention that the restaurant features perhaps the greatest machine ever made? A rotating pork tower. ‘nough said.

Read Food Republic’s take on PIGG here.

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